A Stitching Update

Sadly, Clair has now returned to Manchester, but I have some things to share with you from her trip here! The first is a long overdue update on my Dimensions Gold European Bistro kit, which I have made some progress with! Here is what I have so far:


Although I still have a long way to go, I am really excited to see it progressing! I owe thanks to Clair who helped out on the pavement while I was doing some crochet, so I was progressing in two crafts at the same time!

As well as this, me and Clair also got some other stitching done, as Clair wanted to invest in a little cross stitch kit, to give her a break from all of the baby samplers that she has been working on recently. However, my local craft shop doesn’t offer a particularly wide range of kits. Luckily, my Mum remembered that she had an old Winnie the Pooh bookmark kit, which had the supplies to make one Tigger and one Pooh bookmark. My mum had also given me the same kit a few months earlier, so me and Clair both started stitching a Tigger bookmark.


As you can see, Clair is a quicker stitcher than me! But they are both progressing pretty well and by the time Clair comes back to uni in three weeks we will be equipped with a new bookmark each!

On Clair’s full day in Hull, we took a trip to the local historic town of Beverley, where we had cake and I bought a pretty cake book!


This slab of cake was delivered to me in a serving that was bigger than the mug they brought my hot chocolate in! And it was delicious!

I was also drawn to this lovely baking book, Boutique Baking, which has some delicious recipes and stunning looking cakes! I’m Β sure it won’t be long until you are seeing the results of my attempts! I am very eager to try the home made white hot chocolate…


And finally, I have a couple of things that have also been very exciting this week, first, here is a photo of the very tame robin that I spotted on the way to meet Clair:


And, the most exciting news of all…look at the t-shirt that my boyfriend bought me!!!!!


This has definitely been a good week! πŸ˜€


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