Weekly Post Round-Up #4

Sorry this post is coming later than usual today…I’ve had a busy week and an especially busy weekend! Last night was my first Rainbow sleepover and 7 of the girls that I volunteer with attended their very first sleepover…and didn’t do a lot of sleeping! It resulted in an afternoon at work on only 5 hours sleep but I had loads of fun so I don’t mind. I even have the badge to prove it!



Anyway, onto the post summary!

This week was a strange one for post, as I didn’t receive anything from Postcrossing, Swap-bot or #PostCircle. I knew that there would be a slight lull as I couldn’t afford to enter as many swaps for a while, so less swaps means less post 😦 but, as pay day was last week, I did have some exciting parcels containing some things that I had ordered instead.

The first thing to arrive was my pack of Alice in Wonderland stamps that I mentioned in an earlier post. I also received three acrylic blocks to mount the stamps, so I have tested the first three and I’m going to keep collecting acrylic blocks for the rest of the stamps. Continue reading

Stash-Buster Challenge 2013

Well, I have been crocheting for 8 months now and knitting for just a few weeks but I have already noticed that my stash is quickly becoming out of control! My stash really took off when my Grandma donated lots of unwanted yarn my way, but since then I have added to it a fair bit!

I tend to be good when buying yarn and only buy it for specific projects that I have in mind but getting round to doing the projects isn’t always as easy as I imagine! I also have a lot of Ravelry projects in mind to use up any odds and ends that I have lying around but so far I haven’ t got round to actually doing any of them!

Well, that’s all about to change because I am taking part in: Continue reading

More Craft Buys! (I Can’t Help Myself!)

I’ve been shopping again! And I wanted to share some of my buys with you! First up are a couple of bargains that I got last weekend when I went out with my boyfriend when I found these in The Works:


I got a pack of 50 6×4 pastel coloured cards that were reduced to Β£1.99 in the sale! The pack has pastel blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and red cards and, fr such a great price, I couldn’t leave without them! I’ve not done much card making in the past so I am looking forward to trying a new skill.

I also got this from The Works: Continue reading

Crafting Charity Shop Finds

Recently, someone told me that the Dove House Hospice charity shop in the city centre had opened up a craft section. Where I live, craft items fly out of the charity shops before they even hit the shelf so it is almost impossible to find anything worth buying in them when it comes to craft. So, intrigued by this idea, I made a trip there before Christmas. Sadly, with the festivities looming, I couldn’t afford to treat myself but yesterday I made another visit and this time my boyfriend decided to treat me after longingly gazing after this: Continue reading