May 2015 Incoming and Outgoing Mail


A really really quick round up of my incoming and outgoing mail this month because I’ve not been as active as I should have been! At the beginning of the month I focused on getting my #Postcircl mail out, so my Postcrossing postcards fell by the wayside for a few weeks! I’ve caught up with everything now though so hopefully June will bring more happymail to my door!


As I mentioned, the first outgoing mail that I sent was my #Postcircle bundle. The letters were only brief this time round but I did write to everyone in my group which is what I was aiming to do. I’d got so far behind in my replies that I had loads to reply to so I’m thrilled I’m finally back on track! Hopefully this means that going forward I can reply as soon as a letter falls through my door to ensure I can spend more time putting together a lovely little parcel like the ones I receive!

InstagramCapture_9f67403e-eef2-4816-8821-0f7a664cbc0b Continue reading


Raining Cats and Dogs!


My latest Lucky Dip Club subscription box arrived this week and I wanted to share all of the amazing goodies with you! This is a really cute box with a sweet cats and dogs theme. See what wonderful stationary and accessories are inside and let me know in the comments what is your favourite item in the box!

***WARNING*** for anyone who hasn’t yet received their box, it does contain spoilers.

April Incoming/Outgoing Mail

It’s that time again to round up all of my incoming and outgoing snail mail for April! It’s been a bit quieter this month on the snail mail front so just a few to show you this time round.


My first outgoing postcard was travelling to the US. The recipient liked nature, so I sent this postcard of some pretty gardens in Yorkshire and it went down really well. It travelled 3,831 miles in 8 days.

Postcard 13

My next outgoing postcard was this full English breakfast on its way to Germany. It reached its destination 406 miles away in 3 days. Continue reading

March Incoming/Outgoing Mail


Once again, I have had another busy month of snail-mailing! I’ve had a lot of mail going out and I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot coming in too! Here’s a round up of the incoming and outgoing mail throughout March.


A lot of the people that I was posting to via Postcrossing this month really liked collecting local postcards showing landmarks from your home city, so I have picked up quite a few this month. The first outgoing one is still making its long journey to China! Its recipient is interested in history, so I sent a postcard of the local historic monastery, Kirkstall Abbey.

Postcard 7

Another local card travelled to the Netherlands in 9 days. The recipient of this card is interested in architecture, so I chose a postcard of Leeds Corn Exchange because of its interesting architecture. Continue reading

February Incoming and Outgoing Mail


Many of you know that I am an avid snail-mailer and I love receiving letters and postcards in the post. Having recently posted about my New Year Pen Pal Boxes, you already know that I am involved with #Postcircle and if you look waaaay back to June 2013, you will also find my post about Postcrossing!  I’ll let you read the previous posts if you want an overview of what Postcrossing and #Postcircle are, but I thought I would share my incoming and outgoing mail from February with you!


This butterfly postcard is on its way to Spain making a 981 mile journey to Menorca!

Postcard 2


I loved this ‘London Town’ postcard from Paperchase so much that I sent out two of them. One of them took 8 days to reach New Jersey in the US, 3,438 miles away, and the other one took 12 days to travel 1,143 miles to Belarus! Continue reading

Weekly Post Round-Up #5


Sorry this is coming a little late, I wanted to get it uploaded yesterday but I have decided to do something a little bit different this week and I didn’t have time to get it finished until just now!

I have recorded my very first vlog! It was pretty scary but I wanted to try something new so I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Fell free to give me some feedback or tips in the comments and if you like the video you can hop over to Youtube and subscribe to shiny new channel! I’m hoping to do about two videos a week so let me know if you’re for it or against it!

Here are the photos of the items that you might not have been able to see in the video very clearly: Continue reading

Weekly Post Round-Up #4

Sorry this post is coming later than usual today…I’ve had a busy week and an especially busy weekend! Last night was my first Rainbow sleepover and 7 of the girls that I volunteer with attended their very first sleepover…and didn’t do a lot of sleeping! It resulted in an afternoon at work on only 5 hours sleep but I had loads of fun so I don’t mind. I even have the badge to prove it!



Anyway, onto the post summary!

This week was a strange one for post, as I didn’t receive anything from Postcrossing, Swap-bot or #PostCircle. I knew that there would be a slight lull as I couldn’t afford to enter as many swaps for a while, so less swaps means less post 😦 but, as pay day was last week, I did have some exciting parcels containing some things that I had ordered instead.

The first thing to arrive was my pack of Alice in Wonderland stamps that I mentioned in an earlier post. I also received three acrylic blocks to mount the stamps, so I have tested the first three and I’m going to keep collecting acrylic blocks for the rest of the stamps. Continue reading

Weekly Post Round-Up #3

This week was a crazy one for post, considering I wasn’t expecting anything! It started off with the arrival of my second surprise packet:



The surprise packet had a lovely combination of goodies in it! There were some lovely letter sheets that fold into envelopes, a Cath Kidston style letter sheet and envelope, an assortment of buttons, a fat quarter and some penguin food bags! I love the fat quarter and the buttons on the card go really well with it so I am busy looking for a project for them. The penguin food bags will come in very handy for my Christmas baking that I am planning to do for presents and the stationery will be put to use pretty swiftly!

I had another graduation present arrive on the same day too, this was from another auntie and uncle, and it is this lovely’class of 2013′  keyring which opens so there is space to add photographs from the day: Continue reading