Future Crochet Project Planning!

As the holidays just seem to be flying past, I thought I should plan what projects will see me through until the beginning of term (hopefully as a ploy to stop myself from buying yarn when I should be buying Uni books!) So here are the rest of the projects that I want to complete before uni starts again.

1. Cat bed for Christmas.


Now that I have finally found a suitable yarn, I will be continuing my Christmas crafting progress with the cat bed for Tabby!

2. Doily!


I will have to crack on with several of these if I ever want to finish a runner!

3. Laptop sleeve.

I have had my bag of yarn sat waiting since the beginning of the holiday to be transformed into a laptop sleeve so I must finish this one before term starts again, not to mention I need it to take my laptop to uni…

4. Snoopy.


Technically this one is a slight cheat because I still have to buy the black but I want to finish Mum’s Christmas Snoopy!

5. A surprise.

I have a little crochet surprise in store for my boyfriend!

6. A Zingetta.

My boyfriend is still insisting that I make Zingy a girlfriend (in pink with a bow) so once I get some safety eyes, this will be another one to cross off the list!

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