Summer Holiday Clothes Haul!


I have made my second vlog! Thanks for all of the support and tips you gave me after my first one so I have attempted a second! Let me know what you think 🙂 This one shows my recent clothes shopping for my summer holiday to Florida!

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An Edwardian Giveaway

Yesterday it came to my attention that American Duchess are having a fantastic giveaway! American Duchess specialise in period costumes from 16th-20th centuries. With Downton Abbey, there has been an explosion of interest in history, and the amazing prize for this giveaway is a pair of Gibson Edwardian shoes in your choice of these three colours:

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GIG Spotlight #2 Fashion Tag: What’s Your Fashion Statement? A.K.A. How to survive a British winter…

It’s that time again!


A quick recap for those of you who don’t know about GIG and GIG Spotlight. GIG stands for Girls Inspired Group; a group where female bloggers can get together (virtually) and share their posts, find new blogs and share blogging tips. If you want to find out more about GIG and join us, you can do that on our Facebook page or read the Official Blog. Continue reading

What I’m Wearing this Winter – Sale Savvy Shopping

I’m generally not much of a clothes shopper. As you may have already guessed, the majority of my wages tends to go on books or craft supplies which leaves very little for clothes! I’m also not a huge fan of clothes shopping. I refuse to buy anything without trying it on, which means every shopping trip ends up being the equivalent of a cardiovascular work out with the amount of effort that goes into getting dressed and undressed hundreds of times in a tiny cubicle. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy buying myself something new once in a while, but it really has to be something that grabs my attention to make me part with my pennies! Continue reading

A girl can never have enough pairs of shoes (and matching bags…)



Now, fashion is not something that I specialise in, or know anything about for that matter but I do know one thing; I am a girl and I LOVE shoes. Even someone like me who has no interest in fashion at all still has that inbuilt desire that all women to own ‘just one more’ pair of shoes.

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