It is the little (unexpected) things that make you smile…

On Tuesday, I got a lovely surprise in the post. You all know how much I love post, but I love it even more when I don’t know it is coming!

And what did I get?



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Weekly Post Round-Up #5


Sorry this is coming a little late, I wanted to get it uploaded yesterday but I have decided to do something a little bit different this week and I didn’t have time to get it finished until just now!

I have recorded my very first vlog! It was pretty scary but I wanted to try something new so I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Fell free to give me some feedback or tips in the comments and if you like the video you can hop over to Youtube and subscribe to shiny new channel! I’m hoping to do about two videos a week so let me know if you’re for it or against it!

Here are the photos of the items that you might not have been able to see in the video very clearly: Continue reading

Weekly Post Round-Up #3

This week was a crazy one for post, considering I wasn’t expecting anything! It started off with the arrival of my second surprise packet:



The surprise packet had a lovely combination of goodies in it! There were some lovely letter sheets that fold into envelopes, a Cath Kidston style letter sheet and envelope, an assortment of buttons, a fat quarter and some penguin food bags! I love the fat quarter and the buttons on the card go really well with it so I am busy looking for a project for them. The penguin food bags will come in very handy for my Christmas baking that I am planning to do for presents and the stationery will be put to use pretty swiftly!

I had another graduation present arrive on the same day too, this was from another auntie and uncle, and it is this lovely’class of 2013′ ¬†keyring which opens so there is space to add photographs from the day: Continue reading

Plenty of Post!

Since signing up to Swap-bot and Postcrossing, my postman has really had to work hard! Here is some of my most recent post:

A postcard from Postcrossing (confusingly, it is from a sender in Germany but it is of Rome! Talk about a well travelled postcard!)


I also received my first ever handmade postcard from the USA in the QUICK Cute Animal Postcard swap #34. Sadly his nose got grazed in transit but I still love the card to pieces:


My postcard collection also had a massive boost when I received my package for the Postcard Scavenger Hunt #22. The point was to choose 6 postcards from the list of 12 to sent to a partner, and if you could find the challenge on (a whale) you sent seven. I was paired with the organiser though, who sent me one card for every category (including the challenge!) as well as an extra one, meaning that I got a generous 14 postcard in total! Here they are with the category they fulfil: Continue reading

Postcrossing and my Postcard Collection

I have never been a big collector, but Postcrossing and Swap-bot have got me working on a postcard collection!

Postcrossing works in a unique way. You request to send a postcard, and when your partner receives your postcard, your address is then given to someone who requests an address to send a postcard, and you receive a postcard from a surprise location in the world. It is really exciting finding postcards on the doormat from unexpected locations!

So far, I have received these two postcards:


This one is a wonderful native American image from Seattle. It travelled 7,538km in 9 days!


This came from Winnipeg, Canada. It travelled 6,150km in 16 days.

And I have sent this one to Ukraine that has been received: Continue reading

Getting Swap-Bot Savvy

As many of you already know, I absolutely love receiving post! So when I saw Wisher’s blog about Swap-Bot and Postcrossing I knew that I had to find out more!

When I first signed up to Swap-Bot, I was a little bit daunted about signing up to swaps. There are three different types of swaps and you receive ratings for your swaps. There is also a lot of swap jargon used that can be incredibly confusing the first time you encounter it! Some of the swaps are also very strict about who can join, requiring a certain rating average or to have completed a certain number of swaps. This was pretty overwhelming and put me off signing up for anything for a while in case I did something wrong, but Wisher wrote a great jargon buster with clear guides as to what everything means. This made me feel a little more comfortable with the instructions the swaps and I soon found plenty to sign up to!

I have now completed 14 swaps on the site! This means that I have sent off my side of 14 swaps that I have taken part in, although I still haven’t received some of the items from my partners yet and some of my 14 still have to reach their destinations.

The first swap that I took part in was the Hello! I’m from…Round #4 swap, which involved sending a bundle of goodies from your city to tell your partner about where you’re from. I still haven’t heard if my parcel has reached its destination yet, but it was a huge package and it is travelling all the way to Canada! So fingers crossed it reaches its new home soon, and similarly, I’m still waiting to receive my package from Alaska! I am looking forward to receiving my collection of 3 postcards, magnet, map, thee bottle caps, local paper, pen/pencil, traditional recipe and flag from so far away though!

The second swap I took part in has been completed though so I have some photos to show you! I wanted to take part in a heart mail art swap but I didn’t have a high enough rating. Luckily, the organiser was kind enough to organise a private swap just between the two of us to help me get my rating up. She picked an owl theme for our mail art and this is what I sent:



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