Fancy Paperie Stationery Review


I was recently asked to review some products for a lovely little Etsy shop called Fancy Paperie. They specialise in really wonderful quality paper good such as letter sets, postcards and greetings cards as well as a wonderful range of seasonal items.

You can see my review in the video below – let me know what you think! Oh and make sure you watch all the way to the end to receive your discount code to spend at

Happy 21st Birthday James and Happy 1st Birthday to my Blog!

Wow, where has the last week gone???

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the gap in my posting…I had several university deadlines to meet and books to read which I just had to put first and I am please to say that I finally feel on top of my workload again and there is a slight lull now before the next batch of essays so,  while I am still trying to get ahead with my work, I have time to do some fun things again (for now at least!) such as blogging and crafting 🙂

Not only have I been busy with work recently, but everything else in life seems to be occurring right now too! The first thing was James’ 21st birthday, which involved a trip to Skegness to spend the weekend with his family which was lovely and it gave us both a much needed break from work! Here are the presents that I got him!

The first present that I chose came to me as a stroke of genius shortly before Christmas, and in January it was put into action! A while ago I stumbled upon the blog of the fantastic Chipper Nelly (Fee) who makes stunning blocks from reclaimed wood. I first encountered her work when I saw her giveaway for some Alice in Wonderland blocks, which were completely amazing and I just couldn’t get them out of my head! I showed them to James and he loved them too, so I thought she may be able to help me out with a present for James to remember his 21st birthday, so I wanted to see what she could do with his favourite novel, The Secret Garden. After much plotting and discussing and designing (as well as my role…’borrowing’ James’ book to scan the images from) Fee made this for me:



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Crochet Cards!

A few weeks ago I was walking through my student union shop when some cards caught my eye. The union always has a stunning range of cards that are somewhat overpriced but, in this case, I decided that the cost was worth it!

The union is stocking a range of cards by Paper Rose called Born to Stitch, and here is the first one that I bought:

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Stash Buster Challenge – Stopped in My Tracks!

For the last couple of weeks I haven’t had any time to crochet because of a sudden influx of essay deadlines, but now I have three weeks off uni, I am hoping to squeeze in some crafts around the next three essays I need to write! I kicked off the holiday in a productive manner and made some progress on my secret stitching project and yesterday I planned to complete another stash buster project by making some Zingy’s. My progress quickly came to a halt however, when I realised that my white felt for around the eyes was lost somewhere in the depths of my cupboard. After a thorough rummage, I have decided it will be quicker to simple buy another sheet of felt than to keep looking so today I am off to collect another sheet. Continue reading

A New Blogger and Craft-Lover

Part of my daily routine always involves having a look through my WordPress reader. I always have a look to see what my fellow bloggers are getting up to and I love discovering new blogs. Because of this, I always comment of a first post when I spot one! I know that when I first started blogging ever view and comment was motivation for me to keep posting and to encourage me in my new pursuit, so taking the time to write comments on new blogs is important to me.

A little while ago, I was scouring through the ‘crochet’ topic on the reader when I discovered Dazzlin D Crochets welcome post. I opened it up to have a read about how she discovered crochet and what plans she had for her blog, but what caught my eye was a polymer clay crochet hook that she had made and was selling in her Etsy shop. Continue reading

Latest Crochet Projects

I have been working on a few small projects this last week, so I have managed to complete three things from my Ravelry favourites!

The first project that I wanted to take, was inspired by this mug cosy that I discovered during my Rainbow of Etsy.

I thought that the cosy was adorable and looked lovely in the cheerful yellow colour. When I discovered some oddment balls of yellow yarn a local yarn store for 25p/ball I knew that this was exactly what I wanted. I found a pattern on Ravelry, which incorporated a coaster into the mug cosy design. I decided that this was a more practical solution, so I made this:

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A Rainbow of Etsy: Violet

This week I have been dedicating all of my posts to some of the wonderful products, as an excuse to explore Etsy some more! Today’s theme is violet, and here are my five favourite violet finds: (click on the image to take you to the Etsy product page)

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