My Week in Pictures #9


1-4. Two weeks to uni and still a pile of reading to do! Locking myself in the room for the week and I can’t leave until it is done!!!

5. As if I didn’t have enough reading to do…I am helping judge the Waterstones Children’s Prize! 49 more books to read…how much sleep do I need really…

Maybe squeeze a few craft things in too if the reading goes well 😉

My Week in Pictures #3


1. I’ll be working away on my shawl!

2. New nails!

3. That’s right, on Wednesday we’ll be carbooting to get some extra pennies because on Thursday I will be…

4. Jetting off to…

5. Rome!

(sorry for the lack of original photos today, most of the things on here I haven’t done before! And for the ones that I have, I haven’t got a photo)