Getting Things Back on Track…

Sorry everything has been pretty inconsistent here recently, the stress of my final semester of university has been catching up with me and I have got pretty run down and ill on and off the last few weeks so my blogging (as well as everything else in life at the moment) has been suffering. I have just over two weeks until my three week Easter holiday from university which will hopefully give me a nice break (as soon as I have done the reading and the three essays that need to be done for the week I go back!) So if there are some gaps in my blogging over the next few weeks I’m probably having some ‘me’ time to try and stop myself from going insane or developing another illness – or I’m just catching up on sleep!

One thing that has been suffering as a result in my increased workload is my crafts, which have taken a back seat while I focus on university work. The one that has been particularly neglected is my cross stitching, which had sat for weeks without any work on it. Last week however, I managed to squeeze in a bit of relaxation time on a few evenings to make some progress on it.

So far my Bothy Threads ‘Vintage’ kit is crawling along at a snail’s pace but at least there is progress! Last week I managed to get a few more objects stitched so I have almost completed the bottom left quarter except for backstitch. This is where it is up to so far:



While it doesn’t look like much it feels like I have come a long way as the pink dress and the beach huts are the two biggest items to stitch on the bottom half of the design. While the dress took me ages and the beach huts will probably take a few evenings work to complete, the rest of the items along the bottom should only take an evening or less each to complete, which is a reassuring thought!

Last week I added these couple of flowers to the design which were really quick to do:



I have also stitched the dress which took ages but it was worth it because it looks so pretty and the little purple heart next to it involved barely any stitches!



So now I just have to get the beach huts finished and add a bag above them and I have just about finished the bottom quarter. I have stitched all of the ‘sand’ so it is just a case of adding the huts now.



I have also made significant progress on my other stitching project too, which was my Winnie the Pooh bookmark. I keep this little project at James’ house for when I am round there, but while we were working on the Doctor Who jigsaw I didn’t have chance to make any progress. Last week though I put all of my energy into it and I have come this far:



It’s nearly there!

I just have to add the band at the bottom and then it is complete! I will be so happy to check this one off the list as I have already completed the Tigger one so once I have backed them with card, I will be able to check another cross stitch kit off my list! I am hoping to get this one finished on Friday evening when I am at James’ house but, as we are going out for tea, I might not manage it. It definitely won’t take long to complete now and I am looking forward to finishing it and starting my next project!
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13 thoughts on “Getting Things Back on Track…

  1. The Charmed Cupcake says:

    Hi Hannah, this is absolutely gorgeous!! Look at all that detail, you truely have a lot of patience. I remember learning cross stitching as a child and it was just not for me. I admire people who can create such beautiful work 🙂

  2. Ginny says:

    Your stitchings are coming along nicely. Life will always get in the way of the fun things we love to do, but we will always manage to get to them a little at a time. It’s ok, they will get done when they are meant to get done and that will make you feel good. I’m not a patient person, but for some reason, cross stitch is relaxing. And you are right-good for de-stressing, too 🙂

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      That is very true! It will all get done when it wants to get done! Plus you really feel like you have accomplished something when you finish it if you have had to work to fit it in to a busy schedule! I love relaxing with my cross stitching on an evening…it certainly isn’t a fast hobby but the longer it takes the more you look forward to seeing the finished product 🙂

  3. jusmow says:

    Hannah – keep up the good work with the Vintage piece – mine hangs on our dining room wall – loved working on this piece. Currently working on New England Homes (Winter) having finished Spring, Summer and Fall since Christmas this year. Love to see how you’re doing with it now.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      It is a lovely piece to work on…the colours are beautiful! It is probably feeling rather neglected at the moment though! With so much uni work crafts have taken a break while I focus on my work but I am hoping to have made significant progress before long for another update 🙂 I must be the slowest stitcher ever!

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