Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures: A Review


Author: Erin Zamrzla
Genre: non-fiction, crafts, hobbies, paper craft
First Published: 2013
Pages: 206 (advance ebook version)

Miraculously, book making is one craft I haven’t yet tried my hand at. I never go anywhere without a notebook in my bag in case I am struck by a creative idea when I am out and about. I would love to be able to make my own notebooks to carry around with me and they would be even more inspiring if they were handmade.  Continue reading


Change Your World in 71 Days: A Review


Author: Tom Connellan
Genre: non-fiction, self help
First Published: 2013
Pages: 160 (advance ebook version)

If you’re anything like me you might look at self-help books lining the shelves in a bookshop with a sceptical eye. While I have nothing against them, I am somewhat reluctant to believe that a book can tell me how to live my life. However, if your anything like me you may have also discovered that there are times when you do need to reassess the way you are living as it isn’t working for you. I have found this recently with the stress of university and the need to start thinking about what I want to do when I leave education. Since I had nothing to lose when I was offered the chance of reviewing this book, I thought I might as well see if my perception of self-help books was wrong. Continue reading

The Book Publisher’s Toolkit: A Review


Authors: Independent Book Publisher’s Association Contributors
Genre: non-fiction, publishing, hobbies, reference
First Published: 2012
Pages: 57 (advance ebook version)

As a person who dreams of being a novelist, self-publishing is something that I have considered. With the rise in ebooks and e-reader devices it is becoming increasingly popular for writers to self-publish ebooks. But whether you’re self-publishing online or in print, this book has some great tips for everyone. Continue reading

Thank God it’s Over

November that is. Not that I have anything against November. In fact, November is often an awful month…cold, wet, full of essay deadlines and always seems to last forever because December (along with my birthday and Christmas) is lurking just around the corner. Well, this November has still been cold, incredibly wet and full of essay deadlines, however, I have also had the added stress of writing a 50,000 word novel and a mad dash to finish my boyfriend’s advent calendar in time for December 1st.

But… Continue reading

Where are the weeks going?

Sorry for the lack of posts again, I literally have no idea where the last week has gone! At the moment the weeks seem to be ending before they have begun but I suppose that’s what happens when you are busy. Hopefully this week should calm down slightly as my first batch of uni essays have been handed in and I have a bit of breathing space before the next lot so I plan on making the most of it!

I have decided to do a bit of a round up of my past week (which was intended for smaller posts last week but that didn’t quite come off!) so that you can see what has been keeping me so busy! Continue reading

More Writing: An Article and an Update

At the moment it feels as though every waking moment of my day is spent writing; last week saw me produce over 12,000 words of my novel, a few blog posts, two essays for university and an article for Karoo…phew!

This week is looking to be a repeat of the last with all sorts of pieces of writing needing to be done! I am stealing in the odd moment to do some Christmas crafting, but those moments are few and far between at the moment! Continue reading

A Quick NaNoWriMo Update

I feel like I am neglecting my blog slightly since I have taken on the NaNoWriMo challenge, so to make up for it, I am giving you a very quick update!

A couple of days ago I broke through the first big milestone: 10,000 words! I was completely over the moon as, not only is this the longest piece of fiction I have written, I was also a whole day ahead of the target word count! Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month

For many people, November is hectic enough with Christmas preparations in place; collecting presents and food. This is often made trickier by being bundled up in winter woollies as the weather begins to grow chilly (or freezing since we have ALREADY had snow…yes…in October…) and dodging the latest common cold or bug is top of the priority list. To add to the list, students like myself are still adjusting to being back in the classroom, with work and reading piling up before our eyes and in a couple of weeks my first set of assessments will have to be handed in (eek!) And yet, with all of this mounting up around me, I have decided to dedicate my November to writing 50,000 of my novel. Continue reading


As you know, I shared the opening scene of my first novel with you all a couple of weeks ago. I had been debating whether or not to share it on my blog for some time, but after the fantastic response I got, I wish I had done it sooner! It is still being viewed this long after I posted it and has had 246 views (which makes it my second most viewed post) in just this short space of time!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read my post, especially those that commented with their constructive points – your time ideas have been noted and will be taken on board! Because of the overwhelming response, I have felt motivated to pick up my pen again and start redrafting the scenes I have written, as well as writing new scenes. Continue reading