2017 Project Gallery

This is where I’m sharing all of the craft projects that I complete in 2017!

I’ve spent the last few weeks busy making gifts for my niece’s birthday and for Valentine’s, all of which will be revealed soon! But on the 5th February I managed to squeeze in some time for some sewing for myself, and I spent an afternoon making these two cowl neck tops using the pattern from Sew So Easy. I love this pattern! It is really easy to follow for even the most novice of stitchers, and the result is fantastic! The top fits wonderfully, which was an initial worry as the pattern is only based on the bust measurement. Both tops are made from a lightweight jersey to get the lovely cowl shape. I made the blue paisley variation without sleeves, and the mint floral one with short cap sleeves. I love both versions and have already worn them both several times! My wardrobe is likely to have several of these stashed away before the year is out…


My first completed cross stitch project of 2017 is the Anchor ‘My Pony’ Forever Friends kit. I started this in mid 2016 but never got round to finishing it, so worked hard on it in January 2017 to get it crossed off the list! It has been a long time since I completed any cross stitch projects from my stash so I’m pleased to have another one done at long last!


My first finish of 2017 (technically it is my second but my first was a gift that I can’t share yet!) were these two pairs of pyjama bottoms. I had an afternoon of sewing on the 7th January to get these two wrapped up. They had been a UFO for quite a considerable time! I bought the fabric at the Spoolette’s meet up in February 2016, and they had been cut out ready for sewing for almost as long! They got put on a back burner while I focused on other things, mainly gifts, and for some reason I never got round to finishing them. A couple of hours later, I have two new pairs of pjs! The pink top is also made by me, and was made in 2016 with the intention of the bottoms being finished not long after…oops!




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