Fancy Paperie Stationery Review


I was recently asked to review some products for a lovely little Etsy shop called Fancy Paperie. They specialise in really wonderful quality paper good such as letter sets, postcards and greetings cards as well as a wonderful range of seasonal items.

You can see my review in the video below – let me know what you think! Oh and make sure you watch all the way to the end to receive your discount code to spend at


Raining Cats and Dogs!


My latest Lucky Dip Club subscription box arrived this week and I wanted to share all of the amazing goodies with you! This is a really cute box with a sweet cats and dogs theme. See what wonderful stationary and accessories are inside and let me know in the comments what is your favourite item in the box!

***WARNING*** for anyone who hasn’t yet received their box, it does contain spoilers.

Lucky Dip Club Birds of Paradise Unboxing!


My latest Lucky Dip Club subscription box arrived this week and I wanted to share all of the amazing goodies with you! This one is possibly my favourite box to date! See what wonderful stationary and accessories are inside and have a peak at the latest regular addition to the Lucky Dip Club box!

***WARNING*** for anyone who hasn’t yet received their box, it does contain spoilers.

If you want a closer look at everything inside the box you can have a look at the photos below:


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February Lucky Dip Club Unboxing – Lovehearts and Lipstick

Hello! Last weekend was really exciting as my latest Lucky Dip Club subscription box arrived. My first two unboxing videos have proved incredibly popular on my Youtube channel, I decided to film my latest one to share all of the goodies with you! February’s box had a Valentine’s theme and has some amazing items inside! I hope you enjoy it!

***WARNING*** for anyone who hasn’t yet received their box, it does contain spoilers.

Which is your favourite item in the box? Let me know in the comments!

Lucky Dip Club Subscription Box #3 Unboxing – Pet Parade

Hello! Yesterday I was so excited when my third Lucky Dip Club subscription box arrived. Since my first unboxing video was so popular, I have filmed one for this box too! I would have filmed one for the second box, but it was delivered to my old address so there was a bit of a delay before I received it, but if you would like to see what I got please let me know and I can put something together for you 🙂

***WARNING*** for anyone who hasn’t yet received their box, it does contain spoilers.

Here are some photos of what I got inside:

Edit 1

Edit 1.5

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Giveaway Goodies!

My goodness, I have been overwhelmed by giveaway prizes recently! It tends to go in phases when I win quite a few in one go, then don’t win any for ages…recently I have been pretty lucky when it comes to random draws! Isn’t that the fun of giveaways??? I wanted to take this chance to share with you some of the wonderful gifts that I have won.

The first giveaway was from Azura Chan, in partnership with her friend Ain. To celebrate her birthday, she was giving away a ‘Jar of Love,’ that I was lucky enough to win.

Jar 1


How adorable is this little jar? I can certainly see that there has been a lot of love put into decorating it!

Jar 2

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Lucky Dip Club Subscription Box #1 Unboxing – Vintage Florals

Hello! The other day my first ever Lucky Dip Club subscription box arrived. It is a brand new company and I was eager to see what they had to offer! I decided to film my unboxing to show you what I got inside!

***WARNING*** for anyone who hasn’t yet received their box, it does contain spoilers.

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Mum’s Vintage Sewing Book

Book 1


The other day, my mum was having a clear out, and she came across this adorable vintage sewing book, which she had bought when she was younger. Her plan was to write her sewing projects in it, but she never got round to it, so when she unearthed it, it was still completely unused. Since she passed on her love of crafts to me, she also decided to pass on the book too.

Book 2


I love the adorable introduction, it is so cute! The font is pretty unusual and it did take me a while to get used to reading it! I love the beautiful illustrations too! Continue reading

A New Friend from Across the Pond

In December last year I noticed someone had signed up to The White Peach Blog’s penpal scheme and shared it to Facebook. I spotted it on my newsfeed and was instantly intrigued! Mary of  The White Peach Blog has set up the mammoth scheme where penpals are randomly assigned for 2014, and then the aim is to write to your penpal once each month throughout the year, and to enclose a small gift for them. I loved the idea and signed up instantly! I have had a bit of a break from snail-mailing recently, but I loved the idea of getting to know someone across the space of a year, something which most swapping sites don’t allow you to do, as you only do one off swaps. I also felt that the commitment of one letter a month was reasonable and not too expensive. I didn’t have to think twice about signing up!

I was partnered with Stef from the US, and we have now exchanged our first letters. Mine was put together pretty hastily, as her birthday was 6th January, and I wanted to get my parcel to her as close to her birthday as I could…I was only a few days late! This is what I sent her:

Friend Across Pond 2

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The Creative Writer’s Toolkit

So, one of my goals on my 22 Before 22 was to enter three writing competitions. I didn’t manage to enter any, but I have recently caught the creative writing bug again, so I decided to include the goal on my 23 Before 23 this year. The other day, I was really struggling with one of my literature essays, and everything was distracting me, but one of the things that distracted me was the Short Story Challenge 2014. This short story competition is unlike any other writing competition I have seen. It is broken down into rounds, and the competitors are split up into groups. The stories that are judged the best in each group move onto the next round. The most interesting part, however, is that the organisers email you three words that act as the basis of your story. These three words are a genre, a subject and a character, and you have to turn these into the story for the competition. The first round gives you 8 days to write and submit 2,500 words, the second gives you 3 days to write 2,000 words and the final round gives you 24 hours to write 1,500 words. I liked the concept of having a starting point and a close deadline for the competition, because otherwise I find it hard to focus on writing a competition entry when I have university work to do. The entry fee was pretty steep, but all entries receive feedback from the judges, and it will seem worth it if I make it to the second round…I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Since I am preparing for the competition to begin, and I am inspired to so some creative writing, I have revisited my creative writing supplies. I have picked out some of my favourite and most inspiring resources to share with you to get you writing too! We are all writers as bloggers, and whether you write fiction or not, these resources are sources of inspiration!

My first and foremost ‘go to’ book when I am looking for writing inspiration is The Five-Minute Writer by Margret Geraghty.  This book is one that you can literally pick up and open at any page to get writing. This book contains 58 activities that have a brief introduction, then a five-minute exercise to write. With such brief exercises, it is easy to squeeze these activities into even the busiest of days! There is a range activities that are all diverse and inspiring.


Get your copy here: The Five-Minute Writer: Exercise and inspiration in creative writing in five minutes a day

Another book that I rely heavily on when writing is The Writer’s Little Helper by James V. Smith, Jr. This book takes a very different but very helpful approach to writing. This little book is packed full of diagrams, lists, charts and graphs, which make building a story a very methodical process. While I very rarely plan a story from the beginning to end before I write it, this book breaks down all of the elements you need to consider from structuring your story and building pace to forming characters and dialogue. Almost taking a scientific approach to writing, this book maps it out and plots each stage for you incredibly thoroughly. Continue reading