Giveaway Goodies!

My goodness, I have been overwhelmed by giveaway prizes recently! It tends to go in phases when I win quite a few in one go, then don’t win any for ages…recently I have been pretty lucky when it comes to random draws! Isn’t that the fun of giveaways??? I wanted to take this chance to share with you some of the wonderful gifts that I have won.

The first giveaway was from Azura Chan, in partnership with her friend Ain. To celebrate her birthday, she was giving away a ‘Jar of Love,’ that I was lucky enough to win.

Jar 1


How adorable is this little jar? I can certainly see that there has been a lot of love put into decorating it!

Jar 2

But what is inside???

Jar 6

All manner of goodies!!!

Jar 7

One of the first (and quite possibly my favorite) item that I pulled out of the jar was this adorable camera keyring! I think it is so cute and it is pink(!!!) my favourite colour, and represents photography which I love. It even makes a flash and a cute clicking sound when you press the button…I LOVE it!

Angela 2

I love washi and deco tapes and I was thrilled with these adorable designs and some decorative stickers.

Jar 11

There is a lovely purse sized perfume that will be ideal to put in my bag to take to work, and a handmade bookmark that I will certainly be using now that I have time to read my own books instead of university ones!

Jar 12


There is a beautiful wooden bracelet and wooden keyring too that I really love – aren’t they gorgeous?

Jar 8

There were also these cute little pegs and little craft items that I can’t wait to use.

Jar 10

Ain also contributed to the giveaway by making this gorgeous crochet book cover which I think is stunning.

Jar 5

The stitching is so neat! And look at how dainty that orange chain looks! I’m in love with this!

Jar 9

It fits perfectly onto a standard size paperback, which will be ideal when I start my new job as I can take a book to and from work to read on the bus without worrying that it will get damaged in my bag. Oh, and do you see that pretty bookmark???

Jar 3

She made those too! I love the fabrics on this…it is impossible to pick a favourite! Again, these will come in really handy for holding my page while my book is being shove in my work bag! I also think I may use them on my Filofax!

Jar 4


Jar 13


I’m so lucky to receive all of these lovely gifts!

Another giveaway that I was lucky enough to win came from Letter Addicted, who was having a stationery giveaway. I love all manner of stationery anyway, but since I have been sending out a lot of mail recently, and I have also started avidly Filofaxing, I was eager to increase my collection, and boy did this help!


Look at all of this stuff! There was so much that I couldn’t fit it all into the photograph! So I took several photos on my phone of each of the different categories of stuff, which you can see here:





There were some cute kawaii style sheets of stationery which I am thrilled with. I love kawaii things and these are adorable! there is such a wonderful range of things here…I was leafing through them all over and over again for hours!

Letters 1

I think these mini stickers and stamps are adorable! I can’t get over how cute the ghost with the moustache and top hat is!!!

Letters 2

There was a lovely mix of miscellaneous stationery that covers a range of recipients and occasions that I can’t wait to use. This includes a couple of postcards; I am thrilled with the one with books on (so definitely ME!) and my Mum loved the Flower Fairies one. She has always loved the Flower Fairies so after I took this photo I gifted it to her and she was ecstatic!

Letters 3

There was a huge range of Diddle items which are so cute and colourful! One of these has already travelled to my penpal in the US!

Letters 4


Finally there were some large sheets of paper in a range of designs that are all very pretty.

Something else that I received in the post that made me smile was a little parcel from Angela at Pretty Little Things in a Box. She recently hosted the Happy Spring Blog Hop which I took part in, and she was lovely enough to send all of the participants a little treat for getting involved! Here is what she sent me:

Angela 1

She sent me this adorable embroidery that she made using my favourite colour and my favourite spring flower! I think it is beautiful and I will absolutely treasure it! I am looking forward to finding the perfect place for it in my new house!

Angela 3

I also got some pink embroidery floss which I will certainly put to good use! Angela has recently set up a SAL based on the 39 squares project, which I would love to join but I just haven’t  got time right now. Once the chaos of moving house and starting a new job has passed though, I will make a start on my own adaptation of it and these colours will definitely feature!

Angela 4


There were also these very cute little charms and buttons in the package too, which I will be also using in the 39 squares. As well as these there were two TINY, PINK kitkats!!! This was so exciting to me as we only have the regular kitkats here but they are one of my all time favourites…and to make it better, they were pink! But they weren’t around for very long…

If you have seen my Lucky Dip Club Unboxing Youtube video, you will have seen that  I was lucky enough to win one of their Facebook giveaways too! I won a gorgeous pair of sweetpea socks in a pretty mint colour that are amazing but very dainty so I’m scared to wear them too much in case they get torn!


So I want to say a huge thank you to all of the lovely people who gave the the chance to win these lovely prizes! I am absolutely thrilled with every single item I have received and I feel so lucky!


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17 thoughts on “Giveaway Goodies!

  1. *Wisher* says:

    you are sooooo lucky.. OMG… these are so ,many wonderful goodies to be won at a giveaway.. 😀
    and happy boxing up.. hope the chaos will be over soon for you.

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