Mum’s Vintage Sewing Book

Book 1


The other day, my mum was having a clear out, and she came across this adorable vintage sewing book, which she had bought when she was younger. Her plan was to write her sewing projects in it, but she never got round to it, so when she unearthed it, it was still completely unused. Since she passed on her love of crafts to me, she also decided to pass on the book too.

Book 2


I love the adorable introduction, it is so cute! The font is pretty unusual and it did take me a while to get used to reading it! I love the beautiful illustrations too!

Book 3


Each month has a beautiful double page spread featuring a colourful illustration that dominates the pages. It also comes with some information on what it is best to be working on that month, giving you useful information on when to start making clothes in preparation for summer, and when to start making your Christmas presents!

Book 4


All of the dates are listed with plenty of space for you to make notes on your latest projects and finishes. There are also useful hints around the gaps like the conversion chart, as well as tips such as how to insert zips and useful gadgets to keep in your sewing box.

Book 5


I particularly like this ‘fabric samples’ page at the end of January! Imagine how lovely it will look with four of your favourite pieces in there!

Book 6


The book isn’t just designed with dressmaking in mind though, February’s illustration gets you thinking about spring cleaning and re-vamping your home dΓ©cor, as well as dressing your home seasonally.

Book 7


The diary is really beautiful to flick through because of all of the bright illustrations that really make you go ‘ooohh-aaahhh’ and it even has that ‘old-fashioned’ feel because it has one double page in colour, then the next one is in black and white…I never understood why they did this but I do love finding old books like it!

Book 8


The book really is almost too beautiful to write in, although I think it would be such a shame for it to sit unused! When I have a bit more time, I’m going to sit and read all of the tips and tricks cover to cover, then (very carefully!) start adding in my own projects. As I’m still taking baby steps with my sewing projects, it will be a nice way of recording my progress and ambitions. Plus, since the dates aren’t specific to a particular year, I can build on the diary year on year by dating everything, to hold a complete record of my sewing life!

Book 9

Thank you Mum!


16 thoughts on “Mum’s Vintage Sewing Book

  1. *Wisher* says:

    wow.. i can see why this book is such an inspiration.. love how each month there are many beautiful illustration to inspire you.. πŸ˜€ is really a great keepsake. πŸ˜€

  2. Ain Dedeng says:

    Whoaaaa..adorable book u have’s so beautiful..if i had one..i think i just stare at it and leave it blank..i’m afraid i spoiled it..hehe..

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