Lucky Dip Club Subscription Box #3 Unboxing – Pet Parade

Hello! Yesterday I was so excited when my third Lucky Dip Club subscription box arrived. Since my first unboxing video was so popular, I have filmed one for this box too! I would have filmed one for the second box, but it was delivered to my old address so there was a bit of a delay before I received it, but if you would like to see what I got please let me know and I can put something together for you 🙂

***WARNING*** for anyone who hasn’t yet received their box, it does contain spoilers.

Here are some photos of what I got inside:

Edit 1

Edit 1.5

Edit 2

Edit 3

Edit 4

Edit 5

Edit 6

Edit 7

Edit 8

Edit 9

Edit 10

To find out more about Lucky Dip Club, you can see their website here.

Which item is your favourite?


5 thoughts on “Lucky Dip Club Subscription Box #3 Unboxing – Pet Parade

  1. fallfromgrace349 says:

    I totally adore my cats so tried to get one of these lucky dip boxes (I decided to only get the ones where I fell in love with the theme) but they must have flew out the window! Your goodies look lovely! 🙂

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