A Crafty-What-Nots Catch Up!

Hello! You might remember from my post back in October, that I was lucky enough to be asked to review the first ever Crafty What Nots Subscription Box. I absolutely adored the first box and, as you can see from my post, it made an absolute tonne of projects! I still have some supplies from that first one left now! I was so in love with that first box that I immediately bought myself a three month subscription. Then, when that ran out…I bought myself another one! There have now been 4 further boxes since my first review, and I wanted to post a quick catch up post showing you what I have made from the last 4 boxes!

Each box comes with some instructions for a couple of projects, plus you also receive an inspiration sheet with some further ideas on, suggesting ways that you can use the supplies in your box. I have always stuck to the safety of the projects with instructions, or the ones on the inspiration sheet as I haven’t got much experience with papercrafts, but that certainly doesn’t make it any less fun!

The first box after the ‘Floral Pavilion’ was a Christmas box! It was ‘Winter Wonderland’ and it has a wonderful Ā elegant feel with a strong cream and grey colour scheme. As soon as I got home from work I was rummaging around the box and even completed my first project in an hour before my dance class. It was this lovely wire heart with bells and beads; not only does it look really impressive, but it was also really quick and easy to make! My heart is slightly wonky, but it just adds to the handmade feel and it hangs in pride of place in our living room.


The ‘Winter Wonderland’ box also had the instructions and supplies to make 25 beautiful origami pouches to hang on the tree and use as an advent calendar. Each little pouch will hold a sweet or chocolate and again, they were really straight forward to make but have a wonderful finished look. Me and James made these together and it was so much fun! We didn’t manage to make them before Christmas 2014 but we can’t wait to put them on the tree this year!

Advent Calendar 2

Here is a close-up of one of the pouches…how cute do they look?! Continue reading


Book Review: DK Handmade Gifts

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Author: Dorling Kindersley.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Crafts.
Published: August 2013.
Pages: 251.

Way back in December, people asked me to review the books that I got for Christmas 2013. I managed to review Crochet Boutique, but I never got any further! So I’m going to try and get back on track with my weekly book reviews, for the Christmas books that I have neglected.

In the past, I have never really paid much attention to DK craft books, but after discovering this one, I think I have been missing out! The minute that you open the book, you are introduced to its beauty!

Edit 2


This book is laid out really beautifully, and it is really accessible. Following the introduction, the projects in the book are divided into seven sections; For The Home; Jewellery; Bags and Accessories; Pampering Gifts; For Pet Lovers; Edible Gifts; and Gift Wrap. There are then also sections on templates, tips and an index followed by a page dedicated to the authors and designers of all of the projects. Continue reading

I’ve Graduated!

On Tuesday the sun was shining and I was up bright an early ready to graduate from Hull University!


Here I am all dressed up with my Mum and Dad!


And here I am with James šŸ™‚

I had an amazing day and all of the photos look fantastic because of the sun, although it was slightly on the warm side in my gown!

All of my family have been really generous and I have loads of lovely cards and gifts! As well as the other cards that I showed you in my previous post, these ones have also come through my door: Continue reading

A Bit of Good News

As I mentioned the other day, I have been pretty stressed recently with university and as a result, I have been ill on and off for a few weeks. It has also been a difficult week for my Mum as the sale on my Nanna’s flat has finally gone through after she passed away in summer 2011. While the sale of the flat has come as a relief after falling through once and several legal problems on the way, it has also been pretty upsetting as it finally brings everything to a close.

On Thursday night however, just as I was going to bed I got an email from Martine at iMake, saying I had won a giveaway! As usual, I had completely forgotten I had entered a giveaway so it came as a lovely surprise! What was even more exciting was that I had entered the giveaway on behalf of my Mum! Continue reading

A Lovely Surprise from Mrs. M!

A few months ago now I joined the Surprise Pay it ForwardĀ and yesterday my lovely surprise from Mrs M. arrived in the post!

Mrs M. made me a lovely jewellery set that is exactly what I would have picked for myself…she knows me well! She had remembered that I had admired her colourful children’s necklaceĀ (amongst many other of her beautiful creations) so picked these beautiful and colourful beads: Continue reading

A Rainbow of Etsy: Violet

This week I have been dedicating all of my posts to some of the wonderful products, as an excuse to explore Etsy some more! Today’s theme is violet, and here are my five favourite violet finds: (click on the image to take you to the Etsy product page)

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A Rainbow of Etsy: Indigo

This week I am dedicating all of my posts to some of the wonderful products, as an excuse to explore Etsy some more! Today’s theme is indigo, and here are my five favourite indigo finds: (click on the image to take you to the Etsy product page)

See my RED Etsy finds here!
See my ORANGE Etsy finds here!
See my YELLOW Etsy finds here!
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Some Lovely Surprises!

Upon my return from Rome, I found a very interesting parcel waiting for me! As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was the parcel that I had eagerly been awaiting from Tamara. A little while ago I won a competition on her blog and I was eager to receive my prize of a wash cloth made by Tamara.

And here it is!

My prize!

I was thrilled to bits with my beautiful prize! But that wasn’t all that I received! Tamara thoroughly spoilt me with a box full of goodies!

As well as my wash cloth, Tamara also sent me the pattern, which will prove very useful as my mum has a plant pot that insists on marking the cupboard it is stood on no matter what you put under it….so one of these may just solve our problem! She also sent me a beautiful crochet basket brooch, and even included a bunch of adorable little flowers to stick on it!

My brooch and flowers

So I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Tamara for these wonderful presents! No one likes coming home after a holiday but your beautiful parcel definitely cheered me up!

And if that wasn’t enough, my boyfriend arrived the next day bearing gifts too! After seeing my success in the Mad Cow Beads competition, he bought himself an entry to win me another prize!

He proudly handed over a beautiful string of purple-coloured beads and a pack of 18 tiny butterfly charms!


I’m completely thrilled with my second prize! I think I will make a pair of earrings and a bracelet with these pieces so keep an eye out for a future post! And that will still probably leave me with plenty of little butterflies for future projects!

So thank you to James as well for this lovely present šŸ™‚

Woo I’ve Won A Prize!

I had a lovely surprise this week when I found out that I had won a book in a competition organised by madcowbeads.com! I always buy all things jewellery related from madcowbeads because their range of items and their prices are always amazing! I often joke that at their prices, they are giving their products away, but this week, they really are!

I received an email from madcowbeads saying that they were holding a competition where you had to ’round up’ five cows on their website. This involved searching through all of their pages of products and finding the five escapee cows (they really couldn’t make it any easier!) and add them to your basket, then, for the small price of Ā£1.25 (the cost of second class postage) you areĀ guaranteed a prize worth at least the amount you have paid!

I was really happy to see my name up on the Facebook pageĀ as the winner of one of the top 65 prizes! And what was really exciting was the fact that I had won a book!

I didn’t know what to expect but today (Wednesday 25th July) IĀ receivedĀ this in the post:

My lovely prize!

I was really impressed with my book, as it numerous beautiful projects to try, and all of them are based on ten mythical characters. The pieces are really unusual and unique and I can’t wait to give them a try! They are unlike any other jewellery I have seen in books before!

This is my favourite piece, which is a necklace based on Titania, Queen of theĀ Fairies.

Pretty, pretty necklace!

I am completely blown away with my amazing prize, especially as I only paid so little for a book that is usually Ā£12.99! I am really eager to get started on some of the stunning projects and I definitely know that I will be returning to madcowbeads for my supplies!

Thank you madcowbeads!