Serious Stash-Busting!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a few small projects that have been counting towards my stash busting! The first of these was the beanie that I made to send to Cupcake Mummy as part of her drive to collect beanies for cancer patients…It is on it’s way via Airmail now! Here is the finished beanie:

WP_000002 (1)

It went a little wonky because I was stitching in a rush and I miscounted but luckily the handle of my Avon trolley is beanie shaped! I popped it on here over night to straighten it a bit but, as you can see, when it is being worn the wonky-ness isn’t visible luckily!

I have also been busy making some things for a friend of mine who asked me to crochet her two jammy dodgers and a Zingy! Continue reading

So Many Stitches


Last week Me and James went to stay with his parents for a few days, which meant a few days away from university work and a few days to focus on crafts. I took the birthday card that I have been stitching with me and made a huge amount of progress! I should have it finished soon but I’m afraid I can’t share it with you until they have received it!

While we were away, I bought the threads for a couple of other project, the first of which was the metal cuff that I bought last week. I was hoping to sit down on the evening of our return and stitch it as a quick project but it is anything but! I cannot find a needle anywhere that will go through the holes which is a pain. The improvised solution I have come up with it to use my needle threader to pull the floss through the holes but it takes so long and it has already broken one threader so the project is on hold until I can come up with another solution. And if that wasn’t headache enough, the chart for the rose from the magazine has been adapted to fit in the bracelet, but there is no chart showing what changes have been made so I am having to try and work it out from the photograph which makes the progress even slower. Continue reading

Stash Buster Challenge #3

On Monday I sent James out to buy some white felt as it was much easier than finding mine! This meant that yesterday I could sit down and finish my Zingy’s…in theory! I had some uni reading to do and an essay and between that and a meeting and anย impromptu coffee date I din’t make as much progress as I was hoping! I did get this far though:

WP_000493 Continue reading

21st Birthday Presents

It has been weeks now since my 21st birthday and I still haven’t had chance to share my presents with you! I was completely spoilt but here are a few of the presents that I got.

From my brother:



You’ve already had a sneak preview of this as I have already begun working on it. I have wanted this kit for ages and I couldn’t wait to get started. I love the pastel colours and it is already looking really pretty.

He also got me: Continue reading

A Stitching Update

Sadly, Clair has now returned to Manchester, but I have some things to share with you from her trip here! The first is a long overdue update on my Dimensions Gold European Bistro kit, which I have made some progress with! Here is what I have so far:


Although I still have a long way to go, I am really excited to see it progressing! I owe thanks to Clair who helped out on the pavement while I was doing some crochet, so I was progressing in two crafts at the same time!

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Future Crochet Project Planning!

As the holidays just seem to be flying past, I thought I should plan what projects will see me through until the beginning of term (hopefully as a ploy to stop myself from buying yarn when I should be buying Uni books!) So here are the rest of the projects that I want to complete before uni starts again.

1. Cat bed for Christmas.


Now that I haveย finallyย found a suitable yarn, I will be continuing my Christmas crafting progress with the cat bed for Tabby!

2. Doily!


I will have to crack on with several of these if I ever want to finish a runner!

3. Laptop sleeve.

I have had my bag of yarn sat waiting since the beginning of the holiday to be transformed into a laptop sleeve so I must finish this one before term starts again, not to mention I need it to take my laptop to uni…

4. Snoopy.


Technically this one is a slight cheat because I still have to buy the black but I want to finish Mum’s Christmas Snoopy!

5. A surprise.

I have a little crochet surprise in store for my boyfriend!

6. A Zingetta.

My boyfriend is still insisting that I make Zingy a girlfriend (in pink with a bow) so once I get some safety eyes, this will be another one to cross off the list!


Recently I seem to have been making all sorts of crochet gifts. It all started when I decided to make a Zingy for my boyfriend, who had admired the others I had been making for quite a while. I decided to spend the day after my return from Rome making one to surprise him. Once he came round after he finished work, he was proudly presented with a bag of goodies from my holiday, with this little one peeping out…


Well I think his was the best reaction to any gift I have ever made! After squealing he began bobbing around with his Zingy while humming the tune from the advert!

Monday also say my brother’s 17th birthday…what on earth do you get for a seventeen-year-old boy?? Well a Zingy of course! When I had completed my first ever Zingy, my brother even went as far to suggest that he was impressed with it! This never happens as anything his older sister does is immediately classed as uncool! So, recalling this nod of approval, I decided to make him a Zingy too!

Half way through opening his present he commented, “I think I know what this is!” and was very impressed with his gift! And here is his Zingy:

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