My First Ever…Mollie Makes!

After seeing so many people blogging about Mollie Makes magazine, I knew that I had to go out and investigate for myself! I went to my local newsagent and picked up the latest copy to have a flick though.


Issue 17 came with a free 3mm crochet hook, which was partly what swayed me to part with my pennies! I have been eager to try hooks made of different materials, as my cheap set is ok, but my poor 2mm hook is prone to bending! The free hook was made of wood which was really smooth and comfy to use, with the hook itself being made of a sturdy metal, which is much better than my cheap ones! The only thing that disappointed me about the hook was the size, as I very rarely use a 3mm, but I did use it to make my hook monster, just to test it out!

My favourite project in the magazine was the London Landmark Lino Printed Tote Bag, which I am very eager to try! Unfortunately I can’t seem to track down the tools in my craft shops so I will have to do some internet shopping before I can give it a go.

The other two projects that I fell in love with weren’t actually main ones featured in the issue, but smaller ones that were mentioned in passing. Although I liked the Geometric Camera Strap that was featured in the magazine, I really loved the link to the scarf camera strap, which was featured after the tutorial. My Pentax will be getting a new strap, and an old scarf will be getting an upgrade! Unfortunately I am still waiting for my keyrings to arrive, but I will share pictures as soon as I have made it!

The other project that I knew I had to try was the typewriter clutch that featured the in the advertisement for the Eternal Maker website. I fell in love with the design as I adore type writers, so I immediately emailed the website and the sent me the links to the fabric and the clutch frame. Both are now sat eagerly in my stash waiting to be turned into the purse!


I absolutely loved my first issue of MM and I cannot wait for the next one to come out! Not only does it have so many beautiful projects, but it is has inspired me to try lots of new crafts and my first issue is well thumbed already!


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