Stash Buster Challenge #3

On Monday I sent James out to buy some white felt as it was much easier than finding mine! This meant that yesterday I could sit down and finish my Zingy’s…in theory! I had some uni reading to do and an essay and between that and a meeting and an impromptu coffee date I din’t make as much progress as I was hoping! I did get this far though:

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Stash Buster Challenge – Stopped in My Tracks!

For the last couple of weeks I haven’t had any time to crochet because of a sudden influx of essay deadlines, but now I have three weeks off uni, I am hoping to squeeze in some crafts around the next three essays I need to write! I kicked off the holiday in a productive manner and made some progress on my secret stitching project and yesterday I planned to complete another stash buster project by making some Zingy’s. My progress quickly came to a halt however, when I realised that my white felt for around the eyes was lost somewhere in the depths of my cupboard. After a thorough rummage, I have decided it will be quicker to simple buy another sheet of felt than to keep looking so today I am off to collect another sheet. Continue reading

21st Birthday Presents

It has been weeks now since my 21st birthday and I still haven’t had chance to share my presents with you! I was completely spoilt but here are a few of the presents that I got.

From my brother:



You’ve already had a sneak preview of this as I have already begun working on it. I have wanted this kit for ages and I couldn’t wait to get started. I love the pastel colours and it is already looking really pretty.

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A Stitching Update

Sadly, Clair has now returned to Manchester, but I have some things to share with you from her trip here! The first is a long overdue update on my Dimensions Gold European Bistro kit, which I have made some progress with! Here is what I have so far:


Although I still have a long way to go, I am really excited to see it progressing! I owe thanks to Clair who helped out on the pavement while I was doing some crochet, so I was progressing in two crafts at the same time!

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Recently I seem to have been making all sorts of crochet gifts. It all started when I decided to make a Zingy for my boyfriend, who had admired the others I had been making for quite a while. I decided to spend the day after my return from Rome making one to surprise him. Once he came round after he finished work, he was proudly presented with a bag of goodies from my holiday, with this little one peeping out…


Well I think his was the best reaction to any gift I have ever made! After squealing he began bobbing around with his Zingy while humming the tune from the advert!

Monday also say my brother’s 17th birthday…what on earth do you get for a seventeen-year-old boy?? Well a Zingy of course! When I had completed my first ever Zingy, my brother even went as far to suggest that he was impressed with it! This never happens as anything his older sister does is immediately classed as uncool! So, recalling this nod of approval, I decided to make him a Zingy too!

Half way through opening his present he commented, “I think I know what this is!” and was very impressed with his gift! And here is his Zingy:

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An Explosion of Zingys!

(N.B. I don’t know what the collective term for Zingys is, but an explosion seems to to work suitably and sounds pretty cute!)

Recently I seem to have spent all of my time making more crochet Zingys! After posting a picture of mine of Facebook (big mistake) my sign language teacher’s daughter spotted it and asked me if I could make one for her and one as a surprise for her mum too! So I set about making two more and here are the latest additions:

I think it is so cute how they all come out looking so unique! The one on the right hand side certainly looks like the most mischievous one out of the three I have made so far!

As well as these two, I am also going to make one for my brother for his birthday, as he was also captivated by the infamous little creature! And my boyfriend is still insisting that I make a pink one with a bow so that my Zingy can have a girlfriend!

Before long I will be able to make these things in my sleep!

For anyone who wants to make their own, I got the pattern from here: