Making Some Bag Progress

A while ago someone commented on an earlier post about the bags I was planning on making from A Bag for All Reasons, asking about my progress. Ashamedly, I didn’t have anything to share except another rant about how university work had halted my crafts. Well, after feeling that my crafts had been neglected for far too long, I finally have a little progress to report on! While it is nothing particularly exciting, I have at least managed to cut out the pieces for the ‘Too Cool for School’ Satchel and the 3-in-1 Convertible Backpack.

Here are the pieces ready for the satchel:



And here are the pieces for the backpack:



It took two evenings to cut out the pieces so unfortunately my cross stitch has been neglected again but it is nice to have made a start on my bags! I can’t do anything else now until I have gathered the rest of the supplies so I might start buying a few each time pay day comes round; hopefully I will have everything ready for a day of bag making when the holiday arrives!

What is even more exciting is the fact that I still have all of this left to play with:



You can see James in the background adding a sense of scale 😉 When I read the list of materials for the bags I thought that I would only just have enough as it was slightly narrower than the piece that was recommended but about 10cm longer and miraculously I still have all of this spare! Knowing me it will become another bag…


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