Supplies for some new crafts!

Yesterday I went shopping for some supplies for some of my latest craft projects. I needed a shopping tip because these crafts are new ones (or at least pretty new) to me and I don’t have the supplies stashed away!

My first buy was some dressmaker’s tissue paper:


I bought this because, after deciding to make the Too Cool for School Satchel from A Bag for All Reasons by Lisa Lam with the fabric that I bought from the Vintage Fair, I worked out that (if I am economical with my fabric) I MIGHT be able to get the 3-in-1 Convertible Backpack of it too!


This bag would be ideal for my upcoming trip to Florida, as well as my holiday to London if I can get it finished in time! But, because the amount of fabric required is really tight with the amount that I have, I REALLY can’t risk messing it up. I decided that the best way to avoid any mistakes would be to cut the pieces for both bags out of dressmaker’s tissue paper and assemble them on the fabric like a jigsaw to make sure that everything fits exactly.

My second buy was some ‘champagne’ coloured paper:


I wanted some ‘off white’ paper because I am planning on using this in the junk journal that I am making as part of my 22 before 22. I wanted something slightly off white because the pintables that I want to use are vintage and the bright white glare counters the vintage look in my opinion.

Here is the first sheet of printables I have printed on the paper:


I love the effect of the champagne background on the printables and I am very excited to print some more! Even though my junk journal isn’t going to be finished for a long while yet, it is nice to see some process on it at long last!

I think I did pretty well to just walk away from the craft shops with only the two items that I needed! A productive day if you ask me!
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