The Vintage Fair

Yesterday I went along to The Vintage Fair at Hull City Hall. The Vintage Fair is a collection of sellers who are selling vintage fashions from 1940s-1980s. As soon as I heard that The Vintage Fair was taking place, I had it pencilled into my diary!


I wasn’t completely sure what to expect, but as you walked up the grand staircase of the building you were stuck by the vintage music blaring out of the speakers and the minute you entered the room it was packed. I shuffled around the stalls about four times before I was able to take everything in. To begin with, you couldn’t even fight your way to the stalls because they were that crowded! However, after several circuits of the room I was finally able to orientate myself enough to work out which stalls I wanted to edge closer to.

Since I’m not a huge fan of clothes shopping, the rails and rails full of vintages clothes intimidated me…I didn’t know where to start! So I was drawn to the safety of bric-a-brac stalls which were much quieter than the rest. Not an awful lot caught my eye to begin with although I was drawn to a satchel but sadly the strap was broken. It wasn’t until the second time around that I noticed a couple of stalls were selling vintage fabric. I fell in love with a couple of pieces but resisted until I had had a proper look around the stalls, but once I had done another circuit I knew that I couldn’t leave without the couple of pieces that I had fallen in love with. And here they are:



When I was buying the pieces it was difficult to see how big they were as they were folded up and, as they’re was barely any space to move, there certainly wasn’t space to start unfolding! However, when I got home I was pleased to discover that I had the white one was 200cm x 115 cm and the brown one was 204cm x 180cm!

Here are some close ups of the patterns:



This fabric is a medium weight cotton and I was hoping that there would be enough to make a dress that I have been meaning to for a while. I haven’t made a dress before but I’m guessing that this would be pushing it! I’ll have to see when I sit down to do it. The patterns in pretty big which is why I picked it for the dress as it doesn’t look too busy. This piece cost £12.



This piece is a heavier weight cotton and looks like it may have been a curtain in a past life. I loved the flower pattern on this and, although I had no idea of what to make with it I refused to leave without it! As this fabric is pretty thick I think I might use it to make a bag as it would be sturdy and hold its shape. I haven’t got a pattern in mind so if anyone has any to recommend let me know! This enormous piece only cost £10…how could I say no!

So, even though the fair seemed pretty intimidating to begin with and my interests didn’t lie with the many clothes stalls, I found two little stalls selling fabric and I fell in love with these two pieces…a pretty productive day if you ask me! And to top it all of, I managed to take the second picture in my Is That You Darling Photo Challenge!

B is for…



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12 thoughts on “The Vintage Fair

  1. angelameneight says:

    Hi Hannah, thank you for buying my fabric! It will make a fantastic bag, or cushion. Very hard wearing, easy care and washable. It does have some polyester content for strength.
    If you are not confident making things – why not come on one of my sewing courses? They are daily courses £45 per person. 10am – 3pm
    Get to Know Your Sewing Machine – how to service and operate your machine.
    Basic stitching. By the end of the day you will have enough professional skills to do all your basic sewing..
    e-mail me if you are interested. Angela

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