Cutting the lining…

So it seems like making the bags from A Bag For All Reasons is going to be a long process since I’m pretty lucky if I can find a couple of minutes a day for crafting at the moment! On Saturday however, I did manage to squeeze in a trip to Boyes to buy some lining fabric for my Backpack, then I spent all evening cutting the shapes out!

This is what my lining looks like:


I had spotted this a couple of weeks earlier on a trip to Beverley and it came in this shade or a slightly lighter one. Typically, I was so eager to buy the fabric I left so quickly I forgot to take some of my brown fabric with me! I couldn’t remember which shade would work best, but the decision was made for me when I arrived and there was only 130cm of the lighter one left and I needed 150cm. Even more typically, the lighter one would have matched better, and 130cm would have been more than enough! The only plus side is that this shade was in the sale and cheaper than when I saw it in Beverley!

I don’t mind so much that the shade is a little dark as, since it is only the lining, it won’t be visible except when I have the bag open and I love the fabric so I am happy to use it! The next step is to buy some interfacing and then once that is cut I can actually start sewing! Finally!


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9 thoughts on “Cutting the lining…

  1. DonyaBooding says:

    Love the prints! If only these kinds are accessible to us here, but no. Like the yarns we have get them somewhere else. We have cute fabrics but they’re scrap ones from Korea. Difficult if you want bigger volume. Even though I have about a hundred and one crochet projects in mind, I’ve also been wanting to start another sewing project (a simple sundress!) but with the heat here I have a very good excuse to just vegetate. I’m excited to see your finished bag though, please share a photo when you’re done. Good luck 🙂

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Aww that’s a shame, I don’t have access to many fabric stores but the couple we do have often have really pretty ones but anything more special I have to order it online but it’s not the same as feeling them and seeing them in person. Ooh I wish we had just a little bit of your heat…I’m fed up of snow here! The sundress sounds like it might be useful for you! I will definitely share a photo when I’m done! There will probably be lots along the way too!

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