The Decision Has Been Made…

On Sunday I mentioned that I had been to The Vintage Fair and picked up some lovely vintage fabrics and I was hoping to make a bag with this one:


Well, I have tracked down the pattern of the bag that I want to make! Here is is:



This is the ‘Too Cool For School’ Satchel from Lisa Lam’s book ‘A Bag For All Reasons’



I have seen so many bloggers reviewing this book and it has been praised highly so I have given in to it! My Mum commented that it didn’t look like it would be easy for a novice but since I never seem to take the easy option anyway I’m not feeling phased! Although it will take a while to do and I still need to collect the extra bits that I need to complete it so this will be a project (along with my dress) that I probably won’t attempt until I have finished uni in a few months. I have found a couple of other bloggers who have created this bag and theirs have turned out lovely, I have added the links at the bottom of the page for you to have a look 🙂

When I first posted about my fabric I asked for recommendations of bag patterns and Charlotte sent me this link to this bag which I have also fallen in love with:


Click image for pattern.

I fell in love with it instantly but I wasn’t convinced I needed a bag this big. Then it occurred to me…I could store my yarn in here! As much as I love this bag I’m convinced that the fabric is made to be a satchel, however, I will be keeping this pattern close to hand so that if my other fabric isn’t large enough to be a dress, it shall be this instead! And if it does get turned into a dress…well…I just have another excuse to go fabric shopping!

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17 thoughts on “The Decision Has Been Made…

  1. knitish says:

    I don’t have this book but I’ve made a bag or two of Lisa’s and her patterns are really specific and easy to follow. I’m sure yours will turn out great!

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