Mothers Day Presents

Yesterday it was Mothers Day here in the UK and I wanted to share the presents I bought for my Mum with you. Sadly I was working so we didn’t have chance to do anything during the day but I did have time to bring her breakfast in bed with a bag of gifts!

I have inherited my love of books from my Mum and my Nanna and this year I knew which one was the perfect one to get. My Mum grew up reading The Flower Fairies books, but she never got the ‘Flower Fairies Winter’ which wasn’t published until the 80s for some reason. Unfortunately, it was never published in the same style as the other books that she has so it doesn’t match but at least she finally has the whole set! She sat and read it in bed after eating the toast I brought her.


I wasn’t planning on buying her two books but after buying this one I was still looking for another present and she picked this up in our local craft shop:



She has been eager to try needle felting for a while (as have I) so I thought this little book would make the ideal gift. It gives a list of supplies and techniques then twenty little projects to try. The projects seem ideal for beginners and we are looking forward to having a go.

The last present I got was a pack of Great British Bake Off bun cases with a recipe leaflet included. I loved the designs on the cases!



And, remember this…?



I finally got to give this card to her after I made it ages ago! She really appreciated the handmade effort. She loved all of her presents and it was nice to spend some time with her in the morning as she opened them.


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