My Christmas Craft Swap Complete

Before Christmas I mentioned that I had signed up to the Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping Christmas Swap. I was paired with Beki, and these are the gifts that I gave/received.

I would like to thank Beki for the photos because, in my eagerness to post the gifts, I forgot to take photos of them! As part of the swap conditions something had to be thrifted/from a charity shop and I found these two gifts that I knew were ideal for Beki:


This cupcake covered mug and coaster set is ideal for hot chocolate (a love of mine that Beki shares…she even did a recipe for a homemade hot chocolate on her blog!) And she likes cupcakes too!


On a trip to Lincoln Christmas Market I stumbled across a charity shop with a vintage section. I found this adorable gardeners string and scissor kit lurking on the shelves near the till and I couldn’t resist it! Although Beki isn’t an avid gardener, I’m sure a crafter would find good use for it and it was too adorable to leave behind!

At least one of this gifts had to be handmade so I came up with this cute owl cosy to keep her mug warm!


The final and most difficult of the criteria was to send an item linking to a Christmas song. As always, when I am stuck for ideas, I raided Ravelry! I found this amazing pattern for colourful festive bunting (link below) from Attic24. I simply substituted the words to read ‘Jingle Bells’ to fit the criteria and the problem was solved! Here is a close up of some of the bunting:


I hope Beki liked her gifts! She got my gifts spot on! For the handmade item I got this pretty bracelet:


Beki and I both opted for bunting! And her gift to me checked two of the boxes, something from a charity shop and a link to a Christmas song (Frosty the Snowman):


This cute festive garland made my bookcase look very festive! It was so cute and such as shame to take it down!

Beki treated me to another couple of gifts too, including this fantastic WI book on Christmas. It has some great tips in that will come in useful for my goal to achieve a handmade Christmas in 2013!


Finally, I got this tiny owl cross stitch kit which I was working on as soon as I had opened it! I have plans to use him as part of my handmade Christmas and he also counts towards another of my 22 before 22 goals; completing 7 cross stitch kits!


So I would like to say a huge that you to Beki for my lovely gifts, to Faith Hope and Charity Shopping for organising the swap and to Mrs. M. for bringing it to my attention!

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