A girl can never have enough pairs of shoes (and matching bags…)



Now, fashion is not something that I specialise in, or know anything about for that matter but I do know one thing; I am a girl and I LOVE shoes. Even someone like me who has no interest in fashion at all still has that inbuilt desire that all women to own ‘just one more’ pair of shoes.

Do you know what I like more than shoes? FREE SHOES! 

That’s right. This adorable shoes came to me by a bit of luck and having one foot bigger than the other.

My auntie had bought these for my cousin a while ago, but it wasn’t until she got home to Manchester that she realised she had bought an odd pair…one size six and one size seven.

When she came round earlier in the week she brought them with her to take to a charity shop and then considered on the off chance that they might be good for me. My cousin is a size seven so the six was too small, but I am a size six and, as luck would have it, one foot is abut half a size bigger than the other. Luckily, the bigger shoe goes on my bigger foot and I adopted a pair of shoes! And the good news is you can’t tell they are different sizes when I have them on!


And, what do girls love as much (or possibly more) than shoes??? Bags!!!


I have a matching bag too! Completely by chance, my Mum spotted the bag that matches my shoes in a return trip to the shop so she treated me to it!

That means that i have the shoes and the bag, now I just need somewhere to wear them!



4 thoughts on “A girl can never have enough pairs of shoes (and matching bags…)

  1. Kristel says:

    I love the color and the heel looks so stable! I’m a sucker for good shoes too! 🙂 I think I bought eight pairs last year. Even more awesome that you got them for free!

  2. Ginny says:

    I totally get what you mean about not being “in the know” about fashion. But yes, we all love shoes, even if we can’t wear them. Your new shoes are awesome! I would probably break my neck in them, but I would try wearing them. Hehe. And what find your Mom had! I would definitely make a date night and wear your new shoes and bag.

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