Christmas Presents

Since I shared my birthday presents with you yesterday, I thought I should share my Christmas presents with you today.

Starting with James’ gifts, my main present was this pair of wedge trainers from Topshop that I had been after for ages!


He also took a sneaky trip to a vintage fair while I was at work and picked up this handmade Penguin necklace! I love it and I have worn it pretty much every day since Christmas!


As well as a range of other presents, he treated me to a box full of craft goodies! Among which were three balls of yarn, some washi tape, some scissors… all sorts of goodies! One of my favourites nestled in the box were these adorable penguin buttons:


I also got some craft related presents from ‘Santa,’ starting with this lovely Cath Kidston sewing box!


To accompany the sewing box, I got a copy of ‘Stitch at Home’ by Mandy Shaw:

stitch at home_x432

I have been after this book for a while and I will do a full review on it shortly! As I was flicking through the book, I found a sewing machine cover that I absolutely loved. I said that I would have to make the cover this year then ask for a sewing machine next Christmas. As I was saying this I unwrapped:

WP_000185 (1)

A PINK sewing machine! My Mum really did think of everything :’) It is just a basic one as I haven’t done much sewing before but I have already completed one project on it and it is really simple to use. I can’t share the project yet as it is part of James’ Valentines gift but I will share it after he has opened it!

I also had an owl themed Christmas with this adorable bag and pair of slippers:





And not forgetting my cakepop machine from my brother:



So here are just a few of my Christmas presents! Once again I was treated to all sorts of lovely things! I will also be sharing my handmade gifts with you this week too!
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8 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Haha actually it is my boyfriend that loves them! I made him an advent calendar with a present to open each day of December and loads of the gifts were penguin themed so I think he wanted to include some penguins in my gifts! Ooh I’ll try and get a review up next week for you (or later this week if I’m really organised!)

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