Popular Crafts Strawberry Swap

Earlier in the year Claireabellemakes introduced me to craft swaps and I knew that I wanted to get involved right away! I signed up to Popular Crafts Strawberry Craft Swap, where I was paired with the lovely Louise. Me and Louise are both involved in Girl Guiding, and Louise has a wonderful online shop where she sells handmade products to make some money for her unit so stop by and have a look!

I was really eager to get started on the pieces for my swap, and this is what I made for Louise:

A strawberry lipbalm in a keyring case (complete with strawberry button!)

A crochet coat hanger cover decorated with strawberries! I also sent a little bag of beads as the bought goodie.

In return, Louise send me some lovely presents too! I got an adorable pocket of strawberry fabric containing a packet of tissues and a matching compact mirror.

These will come in very useful when lectures start at University tomorrow and will become invaluable tools in my bag! I especially love the tissue pocket as I ALWAYS forget to buy tissues but now I have this to remind me so I have no excuse!

As well as these things, Louise also sent me an adorable shopping bag from Paperchase. I love all of the Paperchase products and I am especially fond of this bag as I never use plastic bags in shops, but my old shopping bags are starting to look pretty well worn!

I also like the little owls on the bag! Hehe.

So a massive thank you to Louise and to Claireabellemakes for introducing me to the world of craft swaps! I can’t wait to get started on my next one now!


8 thoughts on “Popular Crafts Strawberry Swap

  1. claireabellemakes says:

    So glad you enjoyed your first swap Hannah and what a great partner you had 🙂 I love the crochet coat hanger, so sweet!

    Be sure to sign up to the Make and Craft one, it’s a house decoration theme!

    Claire x

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