The Making Spot Crochet Along!

Earlier in the month I received an email from The Making Spot,  saying they were hosting a crochet along. I knew immediately knew that I wanted to join in!

The task involved making a piece of jewellery using a pattern from Anchor, and a flower to swap with another member of the crochet along.

I hadn’t quite considered how tricky the flower would be to make! But with a bit of practice and some helpful tips from Crochet Time, I was eventually successful in completing them!

Here is the flower that I made for the swap:


And here are my finished bracelets:


I am very happy with my finished bracelets and they will complement one of my dresses very well! It also put some of the Twilley’s Twenty Crochet Cotton from my Grandma to good use!

24 thoughts on “The Making Spot Crochet Along!

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I just love the flower and the pearl embellishment adds such a nice touch. The person you’re swapping with must be very lucky.

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