Flower Swap Surprise

A while ago I shared my two bracelets that I made for The Making Spot Crochet Along and the flower that I made for their flower swap (see here) and yesterday morning I had the pleasure of receiving not one, but two flowers in return!

These lovely flowers came from Mrs. McNeeney in Histon, Cambridgeshire:


I adore the colour of the blue flower! I am considering adding a safety pin to the back of the blue one so I can use it as a brooch, and for the cream one, I will add a hairpin because I think it would make a lovely accessory (and match a dress I have perfectly!)I also had another surprise when I was rummaging through my parcel, they told me who had received my flower!


My flower is jetting off to the USA! I couldn’t believe that my flower was going abroad! I feel so excited and I hope that Laura likes it when it reaches her!

I also had another surprise hiding in my package, which was this stunning present from The Making Spot team:


A knitting magazine! I was completely surprised by this added gift, which I wasn’t expecting at all! After flicking through the pages, I think that ‘learn to knit’ will be added to my ’22 before 22′ list! The fair isle beanie is beautiful and my personal favourite from the magazine is this lovely Nordic sweater:

Although this is currently miles out of my abilities (since I can’t currently knit at all!) it has certainly inspired me to have a go! Maybe a couple of years down the line I might actually achieve this!

So I would like to say a massive thank you toย The Making Spot for hosting this lovely crochet along and swap and especially for my present which has inspired me to attempt a new craft! Obviously I also owe massive thanks to Mrs McNeeney for my two beautiful flowers too!



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