Storyland Cross Stitch by What Delilah Did

I first saw this book weeks ago when it came into work. Instantly I fell in love with it and smuggled it away into the cupboard ready for pay day; and then pay day didn’t come when it should have! It has been sat there patiently ever since and I have seen so many blog post about this book that I have been itching to finally get hold of my own copy. Well, as pay day came last week, I instantly treated myself to it!



The book features 15 projects and an array of designs that are cleverly grouped by ability. As a confident stitcher, I would feel happy tackling any project in the book, but for beginners, I can imagine that it is comforting to be able to work up through the stages from some more simple patterns to more challenging ones.

My favourite design in the Wise Owl Pillow:



Apologies that the photo has come out fuzzy, I was having difficulty holding the book open and the camera at the same time!

There are beautiful projects for each ability range though, and here are some of the others that I can’t resist in the book:


Miniature Motifs: Embroidered Buttons

Cameo Frames: the Princess & the Knight

Cameo Frames: the Princess & the Knight

Enchanted Forest Hoop Cluster

Enchanted Forest Hoop Cluster

Golden Crown Cushion

Golden Crown Cushion

I love the simplicity of the designs that looks elegant and stunning; so different from the usual colourful and cuddly fairytale designs. In the future, if I were to ever have a nursery, I would love for it to be of a fairytale theme and these simple designs would look fantastic in it as they aren’t gendered, and appeal to all ages.

If these designs weren’t enough to make you want to pick up your needle and begin straight away, the back of the book holds a little packet with some surprises in it, so you really can’t resist stitching the designs:



The packet contains some evenweave, thread and a needle, as well as a stunning postcard (yey!) to entice you to begin stitching straight away! The kit is designed with the ‘Enchanted Forest Miniatures’ in mind, but it says that you are free to attempt any of the designs in the book that you wish. I love the flexibility of the kit as it allows you to really pick out the design that stands out to you, and, if space on the fabric allows, I may make a start on the Enchanted Forest designs that are pictured above. Rather than the designs that it recommend, pictured below:



Along with the fantastic designs, there are clear written and visual instructions so that anyone can stitch the designs, even if you have never picked up a needle before! You can see more from What Delilah Did here.
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6 thoughts on “Storyland Cross Stitch by What Delilah Did

  1. Ginny says:

    A very nice book. I love the frog prince and the crown. The silhouettes of the Prince and Princess are nice too. And those buttons are just too cute!

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