Weekly Post Round-Up #4

Sorry this post is coming later than usual today…I’ve had a busy week and an especially busy weekend! Last night was my first Rainbow sleepover and 7 of the girls that I volunteer with attended their very first sleepover…and didn’t do a lot of sleeping! It resulted in an afternoon at work on only 5 hours sleep but I had loads of fun so I don’t mind. I even have the badge to prove it!



Anyway, onto the post summary!

This week was a strange one for post, as I didn’t receive anything from Postcrossing, Swap-bot or #PostCircle. I knew that there would be a slight lull as I couldn’t afford to enter as many swaps for a while, so less swaps means less post 😦 but, as pay day was last week, I did have some exciting parcels containing some things that I had ordered instead.

The first thing to arrive was my pack of Alice in Wonderland stamps that I mentioned in an earlier post. I also received three acrylic blocks to mount the stamps, so I have tested the first three and I’m going to keep collecting acrylic blocks for the rest of the stamps.


I love the stamps; they were such a great price and they quality is great. I can’t wait to start using them!

The next thing to arrive was also a craft item…it was a mini Liberty cross stitch kit that I saw when I was in London, which I managed to hunt down on eBay!



I loved the design featuring the Liberty building and I am looking forward to being able to stitch it!

It’s not really a surprise but there were even more craft things to arrive this week…I’ve been buying supplies for my bag! I know…it’s been forever since I have posted about the bags! The problem that I have had with them is that they both require a lot of supplies, some of which are pretty specialised and hard to track down, most of which cost a fair bit of money! I have been collecting things for them each time I get paid, and I’m nearly ready to make the backpack! I want to make this one first as I am hoping to have it finished in time to take on holiday with me at the end of August…fingers crossed! This week my trigger hooks and the sew-in fleece arrived; I am waiting for a couple more things to arrive that I have ordered so then I only have a couple more to buy! Hopefully I can get the sewing started in the next couple of weeks.



I did get some non-craft-related post too this week…I got a packet of postcards! The Postcard Store stock some fantastic packs of postcards at great prices, so I decided to treat myself to a pack to have to hand every time I join a postcard swap or want to send a Postcrossing postcard. I chose to buy the ‘Afternoon Tea’ collection as I loved the combination of flowers and cupcakes and I was am sure that I will easily find homes for them all…and I have 50 in the pack! One is already making the long journey to China thanks to Postcrossing!



So, other than my Graze box, this was all the post that made it to me this week, but it wasn’t the end of the surprises! We went to Skegness for a few days to visit James’ family and his mum surprised me with some lovely craft treats. I got a HUGE piece of aida with yellow squares on it. I have the ideal project for it in mind, but I need to squeeze in some time to stitch it somewhere! As well as the aida, there were also two balls of yarn, a cream and a beautiful pale pink colour…I still need to find a project for these though!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Post Round-Up #4

  1. creative pixie says:

    I can’t believe there’s a sleepover badge for the Rainbows! I’ll have to see if my daughter suggests this with her Rainbow pack. I’m sure you’re shattered.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      There is! I think there are a few different ones actually. It was a lot of fun, ours was Cinderella themed and all of the girls loved it. Haha I am! I did manage 5 hours sleep then a quick nap before work but it was worth it!

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