Weekly Post Round-Up #3

This week was a crazy one for post, considering I wasn’t expecting anything! It started off with the arrival of my second surprise packet:



The surprise packet had a lovely combination of goodies in it! There were some lovely letter sheets that fold into envelopes, a Cath Kidston style letter sheet and envelope, an assortment of buttons, a fat quarter and some penguin food bags! I love the fat quarter and the buttons on the card go really well with it so I am busy looking for a project for them. The penguin food bags will come in very handy for my Christmas baking that I am planning to do for presents and the stationery will be put to use pretty swiftly!

I had another graduation present arrive on the same day too, this was from another auntie and uncle, and it is this lovely’class of 2013′  keyring which opens so there is space to add photographs from the day:


This wasn’t the only graduation present that I received this week, the present from James finally turned up! He was really upset that it hadn’t made it in time for my graduation, and as he was moving house this week, it was getting urgent! After numerous trips to the post office, they finally realised that it had been there since mid-June…well before my graduation! As much as I appreciate the hard work of the postmen, sometimes the Royal Mail do seem remarkable unreliable! They only found it the last time he went because it was just about to be sent back to America! Anyway, i have it now and it was worth the wait…



This adorable little owl is from Scratch Craft, the same people that I bought James’ penguin from! Possibly due to the less than subtle hint I left on my blog a while ago…

I also received my first #PostCircle letter this week! I sent out three letters to partners last week after the first letter that was sent to me was lost in the post 😦 luckily, this one made it so it was nice to finally hear from someone in my group! I am looking forward to hearing from some more shortly 🙂



A couple more Swap-bot surprises arrived towards the end of the week, which included the Travelling Stamp Book from the first round of the swap. The point of the swap is to send a small notebook to a partner, which they will stamp with a rubber stamp and then pass on to someone else in the next round. When the book is full of stamps from around the world with their locations written beneath them, it is sent back to you. I loved the idea of the swap so I signed up immediately. Along with the book, your partner sends a few goodies for you to keep and this is what I received:



My partner sent me a Paris postcard, a scrap of fabric with cute dolls on it, some stickers, a handmade cupcake postcard and a copy of the stamp she had placed in her book for me to keep.

This is what her book looked like with her stamp in it and mine on the next page:



I’m thrilled to see where my little book goes! Although there are 30 pages to fill so it might be a while before it makes it back to me! I got my notebook from my favourite online stationer, The Green Gables. I chose the sewing machine notebook and Gabrielle kindly sent me some of her ‘Happy Post Day’ stickers…these will definitely be going on my #PostCircle letters when I send my next batch out!



The final piece of post (other than my graduation photos that I had printed) that I received was from the latest round in the book themed postcard swap on Swap-bot. I received this dramatic postcard from Finland, featuring their national best selling authors:



I can’t believe how much post I received this week! I’m not expecting very much but I wasn’t this week either so we’ll have to wait and see!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Post Round-Up #3

      • *Wisher* says:

        heehee… me too.. the postwoman comes to my mailbox about 1pm.. and i’ll get the mail by then.. heehee.. and I kind of drag weekends.. as there’s no post.. my husband is thinking that I’m being ridiculous.. lol..

      • Hannah Ackroyd says:

        Ours is usually around 11.50am so I start looking out the window down the street to see if he is coming! Luckily, our neighbour has a dog who barks as he passes so I know when it is on the way! Although it’s always upsetting if there isn’t anything for us! Haha yeah my mum thinks I’m going crazy too XD

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