More Writing: An Article and an Update

At the moment it feels as though every waking moment of my day is spent writing; last week saw me produce over 12,000 words of my novel, a few blog posts, two essays for university and an article for Karoo…phew!

This week is looking to be a repeat of the last with all sorts of pieces of writing needing to be done! I am stealing in the odd moment to do some Christmas crafting, but those moments are few and far between at the moment!

However, I have plenty of motivation to plod on as I have already written 22,825 words of my novel! What is even better is that, by the end of today, I should have reached 24,492, which means that, by the end of tomorrow, I will have over half of my word count! There have been several days this last week that have been very difficult but somehow I have managed to churn out the 1,667 words needed to keep me on track to achieve the 50,000 by the end of the month. Although I am beginning to wonder what I will have to say in another 25,000 words! Hopefully I will find a use for them day by day!

As I mentioned above, I have written another article for Karoo about a local play that was performed at Hull Truck Theatre, you an see my review here.

So, back to writing for me! I am hoping to have some non-writing themed blog posts coming up this week so do keep an eye out for those too!


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