A Lovely Surprise from Mrs. M!

A few months ago now I joined the Surprise Pay it Forward and yesterday my lovely surprise from Mrs M. arrived in the post!

Mrs M. made me a lovely jewellery set that is exactly what I would have picked for myself…she knows me well! She had remembered that I had admired her colourful children’s necklace (amongst many other of her beautiful creations) so picked these beautiful and colourful beads:


Unfortunately the lighting isn’t great and doesn’t show off the brightness of the colours but I can assure you that they are stunning!

The necklace is a great length as I always choose long necklaces and I wore it out on my trip to the theatre last night:


I couldn’t get the earrings in the pic as well but this one does show the colour of the beads a bit better!

And if that wasn’t enough (she reall is spoiling me!) she also sent me these beautiful wooden buttons that I absolutely love!


Again, sorry about the photo quality…my room had rubbish lighting!

I haven’t decided what I will be using the beads for yet…I am currently debating making a bracelet like Janey’s or possibly stashing them to use on a crochet cardigan…but when I do find the perfect use for them it will certainly give me a nice break from uni work!

So I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs M. for this wonderful gift that made my day! And i would also like to say to Janey, The Underestimated Mom and A Ponytail Kind of Day that I haven’t forgotten your surprises! Things have been pretty hectic with my return to uni but hopefully things will settle down soon so I can get your surprises made and in the post…even if it takes me into 2013!

12 thoughts on “A Lovely Surprise from Mrs. M!

  1. I’m glad you liked them and am so happy you’ve actually worn it.
    I tried taking photos myself before sending them to you, but also struggled with lighting. I just couldn’t capture the beads in their full multi coloured glory!

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