22 Before 22: Sell A Handmade Item

When I first posted my 22 before 22 list, Katherine from Pillows A-La-Mode kindly offered to help me complete my ‘sell a handmade item’ goal. I told her to keep an eye out for any objects that catch her eye and let me know what she fancies. When I posted about my first ever knitting project, the knitted headband, she commented saying that she would like one in red. I was slightly nervous about making it as it was only my second ever knitting attempt. Here is how it turned out:

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My 22 before 22!

A while ago I saw that Janey was working her way through her ’30 before 30′ list; thirty things she wanted to do in the year before she turned 30. I loved the idea and decided to jump on board, and, since yesterday was my 21st birthday, I’m now ready to start my 22 before 22!

To motivate me to get through my list, I made it look pretty:


This amazing idea was one that I found through Pintrest when I was eager to try Washi tape but I wasn’t sure what I could use it for. You can find the direct link here 🙂

The List
It was a lot harder to think of 22 things than I had first expected! But after several months of contemplating, here they are: Continue reading