NaNoWriMo Update #1

As I mentioned, this month I have signed up to be part of National Novel Writing Month. Today is the third morning of the challenge, and so far I am pleased with my progress. I am currently exceeding the goal, as, after two days of writing, I should have 3,334 words, but I am steaming ahead with 5,846! Continue reading


Some Halloween Fantasy to Fuel My Imagination…

I love Halloween. I always have since I was little. I loved getting dressed up, apple bobbing and the rare treat of (closely supervised) trick-or-treating. However, once you reach teen years (and beyond in my case), unless you like getting dressed up in skimpy costumes, drinking and clubbing, you’re pretty limited for Halloween activities. As this isn’t my cup of tea, I decided that a trip to the cinema was in order.

My first encounter of Silent Hill was thanks to my friend James, who forced (yes forced) me to watch the first film about four years ago. Horror films aren’t really thing and video games are about a million miles away from my list of past-times but there was something about Silent Hill that I really couldn’t shake off. Continue reading