Sweet Treats! June #Paperhaul Box

Some of you might have seen my post last month reviewing my first ever #Paperhaul subscription box. It was a brilliant collection of retro 70s inspired paper goods; many of which I thought would be ideal for my music loving Dad and brother. This month’s box has arrived this week and this one is certainly all about me!Edit 1

This months box is a sweet treats summer explosion of ice creams! Yum yum! This box has really got me down to a tee. It is crammed full of pretty pastel treats and retro inspired yummy goodness that I really appreciate all the more since I’m being good and can’t actually eat the real thing! Here is a closer look at what I got inside: Continue reading


Weekly Post Round-Up #5


Sorry this is coming a little late, I wanted to get it uploaded yesterday but I have decided to do something a little bit different this week and I didn’t have time to get it finished until just now!

I have recorded my very first vlog! It was pretty scary but I wanted to try something new so I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Fell free to give me some feedback or tips in the comments and if you like the video you can hop over to Youtube and subscribe to shiny new channel! I’m hoping to do about two videos a week so let me know if you’re for it or against it!

Here are the photos of the items that you might not have been able to see in the video very clearly: Continue reading

So Much Stationery!

So, after turning my love of snail mail into a hobby, I have had to stock up on my stationery supplies once again…it’s surprising how quickly you get through everything! Here are a few of the things that I picked up recently.

I started off by finding these lovely cards at a bargain price in Paperchase:


I fell in love with the cute designs and at only 40p each I knew that I had to buy two of each design! They will keep me going for a while!

That’s not the only bargain that I have found either…look at this lovely birthday card that I found in the British Heart Foundation shop for only 49p! It looked beautiful and with so many of is in my #PostCircle group being November/December babies I knew that I should start collecting cards now and it will be an easy one to re-home! Continue reading

Weekly Post Round-Up #2

It has been another busy week for post again! It came as a surprise as I wasn’t expecting to receive a lot! It cheered my up every morning to see exciting things dropping through the door!

The first things to arrive this week were some postcards…it’s been almost all postcards this week! Here are two that I received from Swap-bot swaps. The first one is for the Children’s Book Illustration Swap:



I’ve never heard of this book before or the author BB so I am looking forward to find out some more about it! The second postcard was also book themed, from the Book Lover’s Postcard Swap: Continue reading

Weekly Post Round-Up #1

As I mentioned in my last post about post, I’m going to do weekly round-ups of the post I get rather than saving it for one big post! And, as we don’t get post on a Sunday, I thought it would be the ideal day to share my exciting post with you 🙂

Since I have already posted about post this week, this is just the stuff that I have received from Wednesday onwards, so I would say that there isn’t a lot but surprisingly there has been quite a bit!

The first thing to arrive was my new book (because you can never have too many!) It is an Innocent Smoothie recipe book as James has just bought a new blender and we have been experimenting with it!



We haven’t had chance to try any of the recipes yet but we are looking forward to choosing our first one! There are so many yummy looking options that even a fussy eater like me can find plenty to try!

Over the last couple of days my letter box has been inundated with one thing…graduation cards! It was quite a nice surprise since I don’t actually graduate until Tuesday! Here are the ones that I have received: Continue reading