More Aquatic Adventures at The Deep!

In Hull, one of the many things we have to boast of is the world’s only submarium, The Deep. It is defined as a submarium as it has one of the deepest underwater viewing tunnels and a lift in the tank that you can ride in. A trip to The Deep certainly makes a good day out!

Since my boyfriend isn’t from Hull, he was eager to visit one of the city’s main attractions, and thanks to Karoo, we were able to take a visit!

The first exhibition that we encountered was a dramatic wall of skeletons and fossils of extinct sea creatures. Each creature had an information board with some key facts bullet pointed and an interesting scale of an averaged size human being next to each enormous creature! It was shocking to see how big some of these ancient creatures really were, particularly when there were additional scales such as a great white shark.


We also lots of interesting creatures, such as rays, jellyfish and sharks. Unfortunately, the shark wasn’t putting on a very impressive show for us…

The shark isn’t looking all that threatening as it sleeps!

I was particularly impressed with the visit, as a whole new exhibition had been added since my last visit! This featured a range of unusual animals from the Americas, but it wasn’t just limited to fish! My favourite creatures were these adorable (but deadly) blue frogs!

Cute but deadly!

And of course, at the end of our trip, we can’t pass up the opportunity to get our pictures taken next to the shark statue on the way out!

And not forgetting my souvenirs of the wonderful trip, a embroidered patch to sew onto my blanket and an octopus pin to add to my collection of pins!

My goodies!