Knick Knack Under the Sea Jewellery Subscription Box ***Discount Code***


Sorry about the lack of posts recently…I was full of cold last week so I’ve been playing catch up with all of my jobs!

I was lucky enough to be asked to review the latest Knick Knack jewellery subscription box from Alphabet Suitcase. This is a monthly box containing a range of jewellery items to match the theme of the month. The June box had an ‘Under the Sea’ theme and it has some great nautical items in it! You can watch my unboxing video here and see below for the discount code!

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Graze Box Review and Free Box Offer!

Towards the end of last week, I made the decision to eat healthier, both to improve my general health, as well as to hopefully lose some weight for next year’s holiday! I have found that I have put weight on over summer, as four months of reading involved very little exercise and lots of snacks!

Everything has started off really well and I am still feeling very motivated about living a new, healthier lifestyle, and the fact that my mum and my boyfriend are joining in to has certainly made things easier! The main problem I was having however, was feeling incredibly hungry mid-afternoon, which was the time I would often fill up on crisps or biscuits. As a solution to this, I took the plunge and ordered my very first Graze box!

My first ever Graze box!

A Graze box is a box of healthy snacks that can be delivered straight to your door for only £3.79 per box. You can have deliveries bi-weekly, weekly, or fortnightly, and there are hundreds of great snack combinations to choose from!

When you first sign up to Graze, you can read through their products and choose to ‘bin’ the ones that you don’t like the sound of, then with every box delivery, you will be sent four mystery snacks to nibble on when you get peckish!

Inside my first box…

When I opened my first box, I found a welcome booklet, telling me all about Graze and how it works, and a nutritional value sheet, that gave me the nutritional values for the four products I had received. Continue reading