Kawaii Halloween Swap


Since it is Halloween tomorrow I thought I would share with you the items that I sent and received in the Kawaii Halloween Swap! This was a swap organised on Instagram a few months ago and I couldn’t resist signing up! Halloween is my favourite holiday and I cannot resist anything Kawaii so it was the perfect swap for me! Thanks to a drop up shortly after sign ups I manage to steal a last minute spot for the swap and I was thrilled! It was the first Instagram craft swap I had taken part in and it was a great experience – I’d definitely get involved in another one in the future!

Here are the items that I sent to my partner Snow:


As usual, I had planned to make loads of stuff that I didn’t have time to complete before the shipping deadline! But overall I was pleased with everything that I put together for the package and Snow really seemed to like everything which was great. I’m always anxious my partner will be disappointed with what I send!

Here is a closer look at everything I included:

Cushion Front

The main gift I chose to make was a cushion cover. I cross stitched a Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery design onto some purple hand-dyed evenweave, then used some Halloween fabric to patch the front of the cushion cover.

Cushion back

I chose a complementary fabric for the back of the cover and stitch it all together with a simple envelope closure. I was really pleased with the finish cushion cover (although the one I sent was the second one I made, the first one was definitely not square!) and I think it was nice as the main gift.

Cross Stitch

I really can’t get enough of the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery designs! I love all of their cross stitch charts but their Halloween designs are just irresistible! I think the hand-dyed evenweave is stunning too, it even has sparkles in it! It gave the cushion a lovely finish!


I love Halloween cross stitching! This swap was a great excuse to crack out some of my favourite designs! I love this adorable pumpkin from a past issue of Cross Stitcher magazine. Stitching on black evenweave is always a nightmare but it is definitely worth it to make a cute card with this design, it always looks wonderful!


And you can really never have enough pumpkins for Halloween! I whipped up this crochet pumpkin to include as a little extra with my parcel one Sunday afternoon! I found the pattern on Ravelry and I couldn’t resist the cute face! He was also perfect for the Kawaii theme!


I also had some fun with some shrink plastic! I chose to make a shrink plastic charm bracelet for my partner, partly as a way of including a rat to the parcel as she loves them and there is a distinct lack of rat crafts! I printed some designs from the internet and traced them before colouring them in and shrinking it down!


Snow also likes Gothic things so I made her a Gothic Lolita necklace also using the shrink plastic. I was a bit worried when I was packaging up the items, because when I re-read the information Snow had provided she said that she didn’t wear jewellery, but since i had already made it I decided to pop it in the box anyway. Fortunately she was thrilled with them and I’m so pleased! I had so much fun making them that I really hoped she would love them too!


And some more cute cross stitching! This was another design from Cross Stitcher magazine. I chose to stitch this cheeky looking bat on some plastic canvas and add a keyring to it as another extra to pop into the parcel.


Another extra I made was this cute little felt Dracula. It was a project I had in one of the Halloween magazines that I picked up a few years ago and I thought he was too irresistible to not include! I love his monocle!

Candy Corn

Halloween obviously means sweeties and you can’t have sweeties without your treat bag! Another Ravelry project, this Candy Corn crochet bag was the perfect project to stash some goodies in, and it was super quick to make too!


And what is Halloween without some treats?? I popped some sweet treats into the candy corn bag I made, as well as including some Yorkshire tea because Snow is a tea lover!


The final goodies that I included were crafty ones. I included two Halloween themed fat quarters and a selection of Halloween buttons, as well as an adorable ghostly magnetic bookmark from My Pretty Week.

So that concludes everything I sent to Snow. Let’s have a look at the amazing things she sent to me!


Look at all of these amazing Halloween goodies! I was so overwhelmed as I was opening each of the parcels – she did an amazing jobs choosing/making things for me!

Cushion Front

The main item she made was this absolutely stunning pillow cover…how envious are you of her quilting skill! Isn’t it amazing? It is also HUGE! The picture doesn’t do it justice but it fits a 20×20 inch cushion pad! In my info I had said I like black cats an pumpkins so this is perfect! I love the guilty look on the cat’s face!

Cushion Back

And look at the back of it! This fabric is amazing! she also inserted a zip closure into the back which is really neatly hidden! There is a good reason I went for an envelope closure on the cushion cover I made…


Another thing I mentioned in my little introduction was that I love cute Halloween ghosts and Snow made these adorable ones hanging from an adorable ‘BOO’ sign which glows in the dark! I’d mentioned on an Instagram comment that nice Halloween decor hardly exists here in the UK (we only get that cheap plastic stuff in supermarkets it would seem!) so she decided to make me some! The ghosts are so cute and I’m so excited to hang it up! And continuing the ghost theme, she also included some ghost sticky tabs which I love!


She also made me this lovely Halloween themed card to include with the parcel. I love it and I so want to get my hands on some of the purple Gothic washi tape!


She also included some crafty extras in the parcel including an adorable Hello Kitty Halloween ribbon and a fat quarter of this super cute fabric which features cats and dogs in Halloween fancy dress! It is officially the most amazing fabric I have ever seen!


I also got some Halloween stickers! I love these and I have used loads of them already! It isn’t always easy to find Halloween crafty supplies so I treasure any that I get! I can’t see these stickers hanging around for long though!


And finally, the last little extra that Snow popped into the parcel were these wonderful sets of Halloween buttons! These are brilliant! I don’t know what I am going to use them for yet but I know that in the near future I am certain to have a lot of fun crafting some exciting Halloween items using these buttons as well as the other supplies Snow has sent!

Overall I’m completely thrilled with everything I received and I really hope that Snow liked everything I sent to her. I had so much fun making everything for the swap and I can’t wait to get involved with another craft swap soon!

I hope you all have a great Halloween! Do you have any plans? Which is your favourite item that I sen and/or received?


12 thoughts on “Kawaii Halloween Swap

  1. Ginny says:

    Awesome gifts sent and received. My favorite item has to be the crocheted Candy Corn bag! How sweet is that? I am going to have to look that up and see if I can crochet a few of those for next year.

  2. chellie88 says:

    All of these are so outrageously adorable! My absolute favourite is the cat on a pumpkin pillow, just look at how cute it is! I am very envious of your wonderful gifts both sent and received, and can’t wait to join a craft exchange too!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I know! The cushion cover is stunning! I must learn how to make them! Snow is so talented! I love craft swaps, such a great way to interact with other crafters and to be introduced to new skills!

  3. Anne says:

    Hi Hannah! I don’t even like candy corn but I love your crochet bag!!! It would be cute to make a giant one for a kid to use for trick or treating! And Snow really is a fabulous quilter – I couldn’t even begin to do half as good a job as she did! Lucky you!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I’ve never actually tried candy corn, you can’t get it in the UK but I’m not sure I would like it either! I’m sure it is much cuter in crochet form! Yes it would be perfect for trick or treating! and the pattern would be easy to adapt to make a bigger version. I am still yet to attempt the quilting part of the quilt I have made…it looks so scary! And that’s just a simple cross pattern to hold it together. I can’t imagine doing anything like what Snow made…I am very lucky!

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