September 2015 Goals

Blimey, where are the weeks going??? Once again, we are in the middle of the month before my goals are going up and it’s been four weeks since my last post again! Time seems to be galloping ahead without me at the moment but I’m desperately trying to rein it in and get posts up more frequently! But for the meantime, here are the outcomes of my August goals, and the goals I have set myself for September.

August Outcomes:

Once Upon a Time Sampler – In August my aim was to get the two remaining frames stitched in as well as the design for the month and I completed this so I was thrilled that it is almost up to date! I even managed to make a tiny start on the banner at the top…can you see it? Also, a sneak peek of the September design there too – this month is Black Beauty!

Sampler Edit

Cut Thru’ Caravan – I also managed to finish the page of the Caravan pattern that I was working on! It is coming together nicely but I am starting to realise that meeting my deadline of Christmas doesn’t look likely to happen – especially with all of the other presents I still need to make!

Caravan Edit

Kawaii Halloween Swap –  I made a little progress on my Kawaii Halloween swap goodies for my partner in August. I managed to finish one of the projects that I was working on and made a start on another. I’m now quickly running out of time though and I’d really like to get it in the post asap! So once this item is finished and a few treats have been added to the box it will be time to pop it in the post! I haven’t made all of the pieces that I had hoped to but my partner is still getting a really full box and I hope they like everything inside! Watch this space for a reveal once my partner has received their box!

Christmas – In the last month I still haven’t made the definite start on Christmas crafting that I wanted to but over the last week or so I have made hundreds of orders for bits and pieces that I need to make the Christmas presents. I’m hoping that I can sit down and produce everything in batches as soon as I find the time to make the process a bit quicker! The one thing I did manage though was to get a handle on my Christmas card making. Me and James had a production line going to mass produce some Christmas cards which was a pretty successful venture. Now we just have to finish assembly and work on some other designs.


Handmade Wardrobe – In August I just managed to make the dress that I wanted to for my colleague’s engagement party. It was a very stressful process as the dress I had chosen demanded a lot of new skills that I hadn’t tried before. Plus the added pressure of a short time to work in almost resulted in the dress being thrown in the bin! Overall though I ended up with a finished dress which was wearable. I wasn’t completely thrilled with the fit but it got some nice comments on the night which made the hard work worthwhile!

Dress Edit

Exercise – My exercise regime really kicked off in August as I commenced the P90X workout. I’m now mid-way through my 4th week in the programme and I’m still really loving it! It is super hard work but I am seeing benefits and the variety of  routines keeps it interesting. I have missed a couple of days here and there due to a weekend away and a nasty migraine, but for now I’m well on track to keep it up every day – let’s see if I can do it for the whole 90!

Slimming World – I’m having a bit of a rollercoaster experience with my weight loss at the minute. It really is a case of mind over matter as I’m starting to become a bit complacent. I’m desperately trying to convince myself that I haven’t earned a treat yet and I need to keep working towards my goal but I’m finding I’m getting more and more sweet cravings creeping in. If I can have a couple of really strict weeks on plan it should be enough to curb it but it is proving very difficult right now! I have met my August goal however and my last weigh in definitely confirmed I was into the 10s at 10st 10lbs, bringing my overall weight loss to over two and a half stone! It was a very satisfying feeling to hit another milestone, particularly as it had felt like such a long time coming!

Spring Cleaning – My August goal was simply to try on all of my clothing and to bag up what no longer fitted me – what a can of worms that opened! Before clearing my wardrobe out I decided to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever as it had been sat on my bookshelf for a while and I have recently read good reviews so I thought it might come in handy. Little did I know what a huge impact this book would have! I will be writing up a full review at a later date, but for now I just want to give you a glimpse of how inspiring it has been. In August, not only did I clear out my wardrobe, I also reorganised it completely then went on to do the entire bedroom, organising every single item in the room! Overall we have got 6 bin bags of stuff ready for a car boot sale and another 3 bags have found their way into the bin! You can see the transformation in the photo below, which shows how much stuff I started with compared to how much stuff I had left after decluttering!


September Goals:

Once Upon A Time Sampler – this month I will get the design finish AND stitch that banner in so I have fully caught up with the project! This one isn’t optional; I’m determined to see it through!

Cut Thru’ Caravan – Ideally, my main aim for the caravan this month is to stitch in the bottom two strips of the design. The pattern is spread across 6 pages, two of which just being thin strips and I want to get these in place before tackling another large section. I haven’t made much progress with these so far though!

Kawaii Halloween Swap – This needs to be in the post before the end of the month, so my goals with this one is to complete the item I am currently working on, get everything wrapped up and pop it in the post!

Christmas – In September I would love to get my Christmas cards finish. I have now made a reasonable start so hopefully I’ll be able to churn out the last dozen or so! I also need to make some progress with my presents, so I’m aiming to make progress with the papercraft based ones such as gift boxes finished this month as well as making a start on the many soaps and candles I have to make! Then next month will be more soaps and candles as well as the sewn gifts before starting the edibles in November – yikles!

Handmade Wardrobe – I don’t have any specific handmade wardrobe goals this month. I would like to make a black mxi dress at some point but at the minute I am prioritising my Christmas crafting so this can be put on hold!

Exercise – This month I just want to keep up with my P90X workout. I really want to keep on track with it because the results that I have seen so far have been really good. I’m now getting to the point where I am losing less weight week after week, but I can still lose some inches and tone up which is the next challenge! Also, I’ve just committed myself to a new fitness challenge for 2016, but I’m not giving anything away yet! But I will say that it is going to require me to begin my running training again…

Slimming World – For the last few weeks in September I really want to get back on track with Slimming World. At the moment I seem to have a good week where I still lose 2-3lb then I maintain for a week when I don’t try as hard. It would be really nice to get under 10st 7lb before the end of the month (which should also be easily achievable !) so this is what I’m aiming for. This is the target weight I had set myself for when I go away at the end of October, so I am pushing myself to get there quicker so I am closer to my overall target weight by my holiday. I think a strict nuber to focus on is what I need at the minute!

Spring Cleaning – Since I’ve caught the decluttering book I really want to keep it up to try my best to get through the whole house as quickly as possible. We are planning on selling most of the pieces we discard at a car boot sale and ideally we want to hold this before we go away at the end of October so we have a bit of extra holiday money. To make it worthwhile though we want to get together as much stuff as possible so we can just get rid of it in one go, then drop anything that doesn’t sell off at the charity shop. To attempt to meet the goal of a sale before we go on holiday, it does mean that I need to crack on so in September I aim to tackle the easiest room, the kitchen, which should be a quick job one evening after work, and one of the most challenging rooms, the cellar, which is going to need a full weekend! I may skim back through the book for a refresher when we get stuck into that one!

Pen pal letters – I’ve really fallen behind on writing letters to my pen pals again so I am determined to get on top of it again this month! i need to make time to sit down and write some responses to the letters that I have had!

Blogging – Since I have become so lax in my blogging recently I have decided to set myself blogging target to post two more blogs this month following this one…keep your eyes peeled for them!

Good luck with any goals you have set this month!


2 thoughts on “September 2015 Goals

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thank you! Some of them are looking more achievable than others right now but we’ll see what happens in the next week! Aww it’s a shame when things don’t quite go to plan but they’ll get done eventually. The joy is in the crafting not the finishing so at least you can still look forward to them!

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