Sweet Treats! June #Paperhaul Box

Some of you might have seen my post last month reviewing my first ever #Paperhaul subscription box. It was a brilliant collection of retro 70s inspired paper goods; many of which I thought would be ideal for my music loving Dad and brother. This month’s box has arrived this week and this one is certainly all about me!Edit 1

This months box is a sweet treats summer explosion of ice creams! Yum yum! This box has really got me down to a tee. It is crammed full of pretty pastel treats and retro inspired yummy goodness that I really appreciate all the more since I’m being good and can’t actually eat the real thing! Here is a closer look at what I got inside:

Edit 2The stickers that I got in this months box are amazing. I really love the vintage style square stickers – they remind me of the selection boards in retro diners or on the side of old ice cream vans! I don’t really want to use them separately as they all look amazing together! The two bigger stickers are brilliant too; I find I don’t always know what to do with bigger stickers this size but I love these so much I know I will definitely find somewhere for them!

Edit 3

The craft papers are brilliant this month too. Here you can see the first sides of the two sheets. I think these two look great together and really complement each other. I think the cute cartoon style ice creams are really sweet and the blue and cream colourway looks really effective.

Edit 4

And this is the reverse of the papers. This side is completely different from the back and features really bright retro designs. I think the pop of colour to the ice creams and the disordered nature of the pattern really drastically changes the feel of the design which is very similar to the two in blue above. It has a really fun feel to it and it really reminds me of summer! I love the retro pop art style drinks too; another design that is really bold and fun. I don’t know which sides of the papers I will want to use this month because I absolutely love both of them!

Edit 5I have to say, I think my favourite item in the box this month are these adorable mini notecards. Their delicate pastel colours and watercolour style design really sums up my idea of summer. They really stand out from everything else in the box because their design is so different and it is definitely something that I would pick up in a shop because it really appeals to my tastes. I love these that much that I’m not even going to use them, but I’m going to frame them to capture a little bit of summer in my house all year round. I’m going to get one long frame and lay them out as above so they can remind me of ‘yummy scrummy summers’ on cold winter nights!

Edit 6

All of the items in this box complement each other perfectly as the designs and colours are consistent throughout. The two greetings cards are both wonderful and I can’t wait to send them out! The blue card continues the retro style that we have seen in the stickers and the papers and again draws on the pop art tradition to make a really simple but fun card. I also love the ‘Guide to Summer’ card which probably sums up my summer pretty well! No one can resist a cool treat on a hot summer day and the fun cartoon design that we saw on the paper appears here again in a card that will make anyone smile!

Edit 7

I think the postcards best encapsulate everything that this box is about. Here you have three postcards of ice creams and yet each one is completely unique and they all have completely different styles. The fun cartoon element can be seen in the first postcard; the bright colours in the middle one and the retro theme in the black and white one. Even though each card has its own distinct style, I absolutely love all of them.

Edit 8

The tags in this month’s box are also great. The three tags continue with the retro ice creams in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate! I love how the ice creams vary in sizes, they would make a great set to put on presents for someone celebrating a summer birthday! Again I think the bright colours are wonderful and I can’t wait to get some wrapping paper to match them and get wrapping for some upcoming birthdays!

Edit 9

The final item in the box is this pretty pink roll of washi tape. In my eyes, nothing can be wrong with something that is pink so a pink roll to add to my collection is always a welcome addition! I love the simple striped design that will be really versatile for a whole range of projects. The pastel shades are really summery and complement the other items in the box. Overall I’m absolutely thrilled with this box and if I were to pick any sort of theme for the #Paperhaul box that would best suit me, this box contains everything I would choose!

If you love paper goodies as much as me you can get a subscription to #Paperhaul here!

Ice creams definitely represent summer to me, what is it that reminds you of summer? What is your favourite item in the box? Let me know!

Please note that I bought this box myself with my own money, not for review purposes. I am simply posting as I feel it is something my readers will be interested in.


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