Once Upon A Time in Crochet

Once Upon A Time in Crochet 01

Author: Lynne Rowe
Genre: Non-Fiction, Crafts, Crochet.
Published: May 2015
Pages: 96 pages

Once Upon A Time in Crochet is an adorable collection of crochet amigurumi projects from those timeless fairytales that we all know and love. I had initially been eyeing up this book because I’d always said that when I have kids I would want a fairytale themed nursery (although I’ not going to need that for about a decade I’m hoping!) As a literature lover all things that amalgamate my two loves, reading and crafts, always peaks my interest and this one certainly didn’t disappoint! The moment I first picked it up and started flicking through it made me want to pick up my hook and get started!

Once Upon a Time in Crochet 02

As you can see from the contents page, characters from 11 classic fairytales are represented in the book. This range not only includes the main character of the story, but often their friends, foes and additional props that makes this one jam-packed book! Overall it covers instructions for thirty characters and many more extras which makes it exceptional value for money.

Once Upon a Time in Crochet 03

The beginning of the book presents a break down of everything that you will need complete the projects, so it is a great checklist to use before you get started. If you are new to crochet, Rowe provides a lot of additional information about yarn weights, different types of hooks and so much more, to ensure that you choose the best tools to get you started. This book is really accommodating for all levels of ability from the absolute beginner to a pro; it’s clear layout enables you to dip in and out of the information to pick out as much or a little as you need to get started.

Once Upon a Time in Crochet 04

All of the techniques that you will need to complete the projects are covered in detail at the beginning of the book. Everything from attaching limbs to making hair is presented in simple but comprehensive step-by-step instructions with really clear photographs to illustrate each step. These steps are really easy to follow if you are new to crochet, or if it is your first attempt at Amigurumi, or even as handy refreshers if you are an old hand in need of a reminder.

Once Upon a Time in Crochet 05

There are so many amazing projects in this book that it is impossible to pick a favourite! But I have chosen a few that I love to show you how irresistible this book is! The first one that I fell in love with is the Three Billy Goats Gruff…how cute is the troll?! I like the way that the ‘villains’ in the stories are still made to look adorable so they are ideal for kids without causing nightmares! I also like the way that the instructions are presented with a full page photo of the project so that you can see them clearly – it is really frustrating when books only show tiny pictures of the projects so you can’t see them clearly!

Once Upon a Time in Crochet 06

Another project that I love is Pus in Boots. Don’t you think he looks very sophisticated in his hat and cape? I’ve been a cat lover my whole life which is probably why I find him so irresistible, but I’m confident even the non cat lovers will have a soft spot for him too!

Once Upon a Time in Crochet 07

Finally, another project that I cannot resist is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves…mainly because of how cute those dwarves are! It is wonderful how easy it is to identify the characters in the book without any explanation; adults and children alike instantly know who they are looking at and it has clear that a lot of careful thought has gone into the design stage when choosing colours and hairstyles.

Once Upon a Time in Crochet 08

I really love the creative page layouts which really show off the little details that have gone into making the projects. The little photo inserts are playful and highlight the additional elements that you can make that play a key role in the stories. These little extras include things like Snow White’s poisoned apple, the pea for under the princess’s mattress, Goldilocks’s stolen bowl of porridge and the frog Prince’s golden ball.

Once Upon a Time in Crochet 10

The back of the book has a candy abbreviations chart and conversion chart. The book uses UK terms but if you are like me and use the US ones you can quickly check what you are meant to be doing without any confusion!

Overall I think this is a wonderful book that is a delight just to flick though; every project in there cannot fail to make you smile! The characters in the book are adorable and would make great presents for kids or those who are young at heart. You can build up an amazing collection of fairytale characters for children to enjoy, or just pick out your favourites to make for yourself. The instructions and guidance provided is really clear so crocheters of all levels can enjoy making the characters. I can see hours ahead of me spent happily crocheting all of the cute characters…a colleague has already requested the Ugly Duckling above to gift to a friend’s son!

Once Upon A Time in Crochet is available right now and you can get your copy here: Once Upon a Time… in Crochet (UK): 30 Amigurumi Characters from Your Favourite Fairytales

With thanks to Search Press for the copy that they sent me for review purposes.


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