My First #PaperHaul Box!


As you all know, I love a good subscription box! And thanks to a post by Stephanie Pomfrett I was introduced to the #PaperHaul box. #PaperHaul is a box of paper goodies for paper lovers. Each box contains a whole host of goodies suited to that month’s theme, and my first box was a very groovy 70s themed box. Typically each box contains two greetings cards, three postcards, three gift tags, a roll of washi tape, a sheet of stickers, two sheets of double sided printed craft paper and mini notecards. Here is what I was lucky enough to receive in my first box:

PaperHaul 1

Look at all of these wonderful paper goodies! I couldn’t believe how much was in my box when I first opened it up – I didn’t know where to start! You can see a breakdown and close ups of all of the individual items below.

PaperHaul 2

Firstly, here are the greetings cards that I got in the box. They fit really well with the groovy theme and they are really unique! The biggest difficulty I will have with these is finding the ideal recipient as they aren’t the kind of cards I would usually pick, however, I think they are really fun and I especially like the ‘Funkytown’ card, so I will enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect recipient and occasion to gift it.

PaperHaul 3

Next, here are the stickers that I received in the box. I LOVE those record stickers that will be ideal for sealing envelopes; particularly for the male relatives in my family who all love music. The first one will be used for my father’s day card! I think the glitterball style stickers are really cool too! Right now I’ not sure what I will use them for, but I’m sure I’ll find some craft to put them to good use!

PaperHaul 4

These are the gift tags that I received in the box. I think these are great, versatile tags that will be great for any occasion or recipient. Again, I think these will be great additions to gift for men and I’m so pleased to add some more masculine items to my stash – especially since I come from a family with my brother and dad to cater for! But they would make really great tags for women too.

PaperHaul 5

As I mentioned above, you also get two sheets of paper in your #PaperHaul box. As you can see from the image above, these also have a great colour scheme and would be great for crafting for men (don’t get me wrong, this box contains great things for women too, but every time I look at the contents I can just picture stuff my Dad likes and it has got me inspired to do some crafting for men!)

PaperHaul 6

The papers are double sided, so here is a photo of the other sides. I love the apples! They are so adorable! The other sheet also reminds me of LP records, and again really complements the theme – everything matches so well! Good job #PaperHaul!

PaperHaul 7

Here is my roll of washi tape; how cute is this? I love washi tape and I do have quite an extensive collection! However, this one certainly won’t get lost in the masses as pretty floral washis are great for all sorts of crafts as well as sealing letters. I really love the pretty pink and orange colours and I can’t wait to get started using this one!

PaperHaul 8

These are the three mini notecards that were in the box. Again, these are really pretty and colourful! Each one comes with its own little envelope too, which will make them great for mini thank you cards. I will keep these in the drawer for after my birthday and Christmas I think to write my thank you notes!

PaperHaul 9

Here are two of the postcards that I received in my box. I love the versatile music theme of these cards which mean they will be great to use for music lovers on Postcrossing! My Dad and brother are both huge music fans and they would love this design, so it’s nice to know that I have some postcards in my collection that would be great for the men on Postcrossing too, something that I have never had before.

Postcard 19

And as you can see, there are only two of the three postcards that I received in the photograph above. That is because one of them didn’t even hang around long enough for the photo! I was paired up with a partner in Germany on my latest Postcrossing venture, and she liked postcards of The Beatles. Although I didn’t have any postcards of The Beatles, this card from the #PaperHaul box was reminiscent of the 60s era and certainly reminded me of The Beatles. I sent is off to my recipient in Germany who loved it so I’ve already been sharing my #PaperHaul love!

PaperHaul 10

I also noticed this little card at the bottom of my box. I didn’t realise when I signed up to the box that a percentage of the money went to charity – how amazing is that! What’s more, what a wonderful charity! I hadn’t heard of this charity before but I do want to look into it some more because it sounds wonderful!.

Overall I’m thrilled with my first #PaperHaul box! You get so much crammed inside it! The box costs £10 with £2 UK postage, so for £12 I feel like I have got loads for my money! I think the theme is wonderful and has really inspired me to get snail mailing and crafting! I’m so excited to receive my next box! Keep an eye out for a nosey as soon as I receive it!

What is your favourite item in the box? Do you know of a subscription box you would recommend?

Please note that I bought this box myself with my own money, not for review purposes. I am simply posting as I feel it is something my readers will be interested in.


8 thoughts on “My First #PaperHaul Box!

  1. Ginny says:

    What a great selection of paper products. Love the washi tape! My collection has gotten quite out of hand and need to start using them more in my card making and scrapbooking. I hadn’t thought of using them to seal letters. Will start doing that with it, too 😉 It will definitely make the envelopes pretty.

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