While the boy is away…


Sorry I’ve been missing recently…life seems so busy at the moment! Anyway, here is a summary of what I have been up to while I’ve been away, but it is also what I have been doing while James was away too! I had the house to myself for two weeks while he was away in the US at some conferences so I had some good quality time with my craft room in his absence!

Although, before I show you what I was doing while he was away, I just wanted to show you our last project together before he left…chocolate making!

Chocolate 1

This year I am on a mission to make as many of my Christmas presents as possible, and after a trip to the York’s Chocolate Story I was really eager to have a go at making my own chocolates. I want to put together a variety box of filled chocolates to give as gifts at Christmas, so our first experiment was with these parcels filled with white chocolate ganache. This was actually our second attempt, however, we did perfect them and we were really pleased with the result! And they tasted VERY good! I have now bought a mold for some dark chocolate hearts with a strawberry cream centre, then next month I’ll be buying one to fill with caramel! By Christmas we should have a good range of recipes to put together a selection of boxes to give as gifts. We’ll just have to keep practicing and sampling in the mean time!

Chocolate 2

But while James was away anyway I was still cracking on with little projects and gifts to get them completed! The first one was a Jellybean Dispenser that I have made to go with my Mum’s cross stitch for her 50th birthday. Clearly it can be filled with any sweets but Jellybeans are her favourite so I have never pictured it being used for anything else! It is made with a sheet of A3 card so it will fit loads of Jellybeans inside! I used some acetate to make a window in the side so you can see the sweeties in it and it has a little flap at the bottom where the sweets are dispensed. My only job left now is to fill it! This project was one from the The Big Score Board Video Project Resource Craft Tutorial PC CD-ROM Sara Davies using the The Big Score Double Sided Large (A3+) Format Scoring Board Paper/Card Craft. I love this thing! It has so many amazing projects!
Jellybean Dispenser

Another box-making project was this little set of 4 milk cartons. I’m really into box making at the moment and this cute little project was one from the Crafters Companion Sweet Treats Ultimate Pro Embossing Board – Special Treat plus there are even instructions on how to make the little tray to stand them in! This is another project in preparation for Christmas, as I am using them to store some sweet treats for my Mum, Dad, brother and their cat! They will each get a box filled with their favourite goodies and once I have filled and sealed them I will add a tag with their name on their box. My Mum will be getting more Jellybeans as I imagine her dispenser will need refilling by Christmas!

Milk cartons

And some more Christmas presents! Because a lot of the presents that I am making (chocolates, soaps, etc.) cannot be made very far in advance of gifting, I am trying to make as many of the other presents as early as possible. Anything that can be made in advance, will be made in advance! One of the things that I wanted to make for my Mum was a set of three pairs Liberty knickers from The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie: Make your own divine knickers, bras & camisoles (review to follow soon!) and I am going to make a box to put the set in, along with a scented bag to keep in the drawer with them. This was my first attempt at sewing knickers and my first attempt sewing elastic so I’m thrilled with how they turned out! I also made a pair for myself too! Just two more pairs to go and I need to buy some ribbon embellishments to sew onto the front.


As well as Christmas presents, while James was away I finished off some projects from previous Crafty What Nots boxes that we had never got round to completing. I had a pile of boxes in my craft room and while trying to tidy up I decided to finish off the projects in them so that I could file any left over resources into my stash and get rid of the boxes. The first project that I did was this brooch, although it didn’t turn out great. The glue to hold the paper in place seems to have rusted the brooch and created that brown spot. I also don’t think the glue had fully dried when I applied the Glossy Accents as it has clouded a bit. This did clear slightly after I had taken the photo but overall I’m a little disappointed with how this one turned out. However, I do love other necklace and magnets that I made using this technique and I will be experimenting with it some more!Brooch

I also finished off some projects from the Christmas Crafty What Nots boxes to add to my Christmas stash! I loved making these cute easel cards and I want to get my hands on some more gold card and wooden trees to make more of these! They are really quick and easy but look really impressive…I already have the recipients in mind for these cards!

Christmas Cards

Finally, I also finally managed to finish the little bauble Christmas card! I had covered the bauble with paper ages ago when I made my Christmas garland but i never got round to putting it onto a card. This is just a tiny little card but it is really cute and great for guys! It has gone into the Christmas box with everything else ready for December!

Christmas Card

I did make some clothes while James was away too, but I am going to do a separate summary of all of my recent dressmaking makes so keep an eye out for that!

What have you been making recently? Are you doing any Christmas crafting this year?


10 thoughts on “While the boy is away…

  1. gladeridercrafts says:

    I feel as though I’m cheating this year- I’m knitting dishcloths and will be making soap, (the easy, melt ready-made soap and and what you want, rather than the harder mix it yourself soap!)

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Aww but you still but time into making the gifts…that’s not cheating! I’m making some easy melt and pour soap too as well as some of the mix it yourself kind – you’ve made it either way so I don’t think it matters 🙂

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thanks! Yes I’ve been keeping busy – it’s the only way I can be without getting restless! At least it is cutting down my ‘to do’ list! Although, as always, more stuff just keeps getting added! x

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