Bank Holiday Shopping, Cocktails and a Catch-Up!

Hello! Did you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend? I had a great time! Particularly on Saturday when I was having a much needed catch up and shopping spree with a couple of my school friends!


I’ve known Becky since primary school, and we met Catherine when we were in the same form at high school. We saw each other on and off throughout University but the three of us haven’t all got together for almost 5 years! Me and Becky now work in central Leeds, so Catherine made the trip over to West Yorkshire for us to all get together for some retail therapy and cocktails! We had lots of fun with lots of gossip and some good food…we were all shattered by the end of it…we need some more practice I think!

And here is a sneak peek at my shopping:


I’m not doing much clothes shopping right now as I’m on my weight loss mission, but I did need some new shorts for pole dancing and suitable ones are hard to find! They need to be a lycra-type fabric so they are tight (don’t want to lose them!) but pretty short so I have plenty of skin to stick to the pole! Cycling shorts are the ideal fabric but usually too long, so I snatched up a perfect pair when I spotted them in New Look priced at £7.99. I also treated myself to a pretty mint workout top. I don’t really need any more but I loved the colour and since I’m now working out daily it seemed a worthwhile investment…and only £9.99! I love New Look’s fitness range!Shoestring Tees

While I was there I also picked up a couple of their shoestring t-shirts for £2.99 each. I love these things and wear them to death so I usually pick up a couple every summer as the old ones need replacing. These things come in a S, M, L measurement too, so grabbing a couple of medium won’t matter much with my weight loss…I’m a million miles away from ever fitting a small so I’ll get plenty of wear from these!Blazer

My guilty indulgence was this pretty floral blazer! I loved the pastel blue with the pink flowers and i know I will get loads of wear out of it for work this summer. It was a bit pricey at £27.99, but if I get plenty of wear out of it it will be worth it…plus, I got a size smaller than I would have a month ago! Still a little tight on the arms but it will be perfect soon, plus you’ve gotta love student discount, how could I possibly leave it?Candle

This one was an item on my shopping list for the trip – a Cappuccino Truffle Yankee Candle! If you haven’t tried the scent yet make sure you smell it when you are next passing a store…it is to die for! So yummy and chocolatey and rich…yum, yum. yum! If I can’t eat much chocolate the house might as well smell like it instead! This is one of the big jars that costs £19.99.

Yorkshire Soap Company

Since I’ve been doing Slimming World, I can no longer treat myself to sweet indulgences, so my new treat is some scrummy bath stuffs instead! I have an addiction to pretty bath bombs that smell amazing, and The Yorkshire Soap Company certainly has plenty of those! Catherine bought me one of the pink ones for Christmas and I loved it so much I bought another, as well as treating myself to the pretty macron style one. I was in that much of a rush to buy mine that I didn’t spot the raspberry scented one that Catherine and Becky bought. Luckily I have a shopping trip with Mum coming up on Friday and the raspberry one is high on my want list because it smells absolutely amazing! This shop is going to quickly become one of my regular haunts I fear… The bath bombs here are priced at around £2.50 each.


And some more yummy bath treats! There is nothing more rewarding than getting into a nice hot bath after a hard workout, and as I’m having lots of those right now I really need a lot of bath stuff! (I can justify it…honest!) These ones are from Lush because, well, who doesn’t love a Lush bath bomb? Going round clockwise starting at the top left, they are: Space Girl bath bomb, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Sakura bath bomb, Brightside bubble bar. I’ll never want to leave the bath! I can’t wait to use all of these!

Victoria's Secret

And because a girl can never have enough nice smelling bath goodies, I also picked up a body spray from Victoria’s Secret. I love these things! They last forever and always smell great!  I chose Sheer Love which has a very delicate smell of white cotton and pink lily. A lot of their current range had quite strong, fruity scents that were slightly overpowering for me, but this one smells very fresh and floral which is really refreshing and great for summer. Plus, it only cost me £6 (or rather, a cocktail!) because Catherine and Becky wanted some too, so we divided their 5 for £30 between us, making them less than half price!


Finally, the last things I bought are to put away for my brother for his birthday. He’ll be turning 20 in August, and 20 year old guys are hard to buy for so I need to pick things up as soon as I see them! These amazing football kitchen accessories were from Pylons and I managed to get hold of a pizza cutter and a bottle opener…I’ve got the basic student diet covered then! They were priced at £15 and £8.50 respectively, and I’m sure they will go down really well! They even put them in a really cool shopper for me at no extra charge!

After all of our hard work shopping, we indulged in some tasty food and cocktails at TGI Fridays…is there really any better way to end a shopping trip? It was great to catch up with Catherine and Becky again and it was so much fun to all get together after so long; we really must do it again soon!

How did you spend your weekend? Do you like my shopping? What is your favourite item?


6 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Shopping, Cocktails and a Catch-Up!

  1. azurachan says:

    Hi Hannah! Glad that you were having so much fun over the weekend. It feels great meeting up with the old friends especially the girls. I love the floral pattern on your blazzer. It looks so beautiful! I spent my weekend at the beach.

  2. Ginny says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day of shopping and hanging out with friends. Love all of your prizes 🙂 I think the chocolate candle is my favorite. I will have to check out the yankee candle store the next time I am at the mall and see if I can find one of those.

  3. Thimberlina says:

    Sounds like you had a ball. You can’t beat a proper girlie get together. The bank hol for me was entailed shopping for a new sofa and cricket! Tho I’m having some girlie time this Saturday & can’t wait!
    Love your floral blazer! Bet you’ll get loads of wear out of it, and I bet you’ll be making versions of your own soon. You’ll have to make sure you jumpsuit for jumping in June matches!
    What’s this about pole dancing?!?! Have I missed a post? 😯

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Girly time is always good 🙂 Yes I am desperately looking for a good blazer pattern to I can make some because I wear them all the time for work! Haha yes! Still make up my mind about my jumpsuit pattern then I’ll need a fabric shopping trip! Haha no you haven’t, I go to pole dancing classes in Heckmondwike, I’ve been going since last August 🙂 x

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