Craft A Creative Business Review

Book 1

Author: Fiona Pullen
Genre: Non-Fiction, Crafts.
Published: 2015
Pages: 240 pages

Craft A Creative Business is a book for anyone who has ever considered running their own creative business; whatever your craft might be! It is a really genuine exploration of what it means to run your own business, not just looking at the advantages but presenting a realistic image of what you can expect, which unfortunately does require a fair bit of hard work! However, Pullen’s honest portrayal of running your own business is drawn from her own experience so she know what she is talking about, and though realistic, she doesn’t make it look scary. This is a complete handbook to everything you need to know about setting up a successful creative business and it is explained in such a straight forward and easy to understand way that won’t leave you confused or frightened (even the scary legal stuff!)

Book 2

You can see from the very first page of contents just how much information is crammed into this one book! The book itself is split into a general introduction, then six colour coordinated sections which are clearly identifiable by the different coloured pages. The sections include; ‘Where do I start?’ ‘Legal matters,’ ‘Presentation,’ ‘Social media,’ ‘Selling online,’ and ‘Selling offline.’ It really covers every element you will need to know, right from considering realistically whether self employment is for you, through to top social media tips and how to take great photographs of you products.

Book 3

The book itself has that much information in it that it is generally pretty thin on photographs, however, you know that when a photo appears it is used to really illustrate a point. However, the fact that the book doesn’t pad out its pages with unnecessary photos really illustrates just how much information you are getting – there’s no use adding a beautiful photo if it sacrifices valuable space for information! And there is so much packed in here that there is an answer to any question you could possibly think of!Book 4

Every section is introduced by a beautifully illustrated double page spread to clearly indicate the transition from one section to the next. In this image you can also see the different coloured pages to further distinguish the different sections. This means that if you just want to dip in and out of various sections of the book, rather than reading cover to cover you can easily find the section that you need without having to flick backwards and forwards to find it.

Book 5

And this isn’t just a handbook on how to set up your business; it has tips and tricks in it that will help you once your business is running to enable you to expand and grow. From refreshing your branding to brushing up your product photos, this is a book that you can go back to again and again as you perfect your business and craft it into something professional and successful.

Book 6

As if the book wasn’t packed within enough information for you to absorb, each chapter has a handy list of additional resources for you to explore at the back. This is really useful for the sections that you feel less confident with, so if you need to brush up your photography skills or research more detail on toy safety regulations you know exactly where to go to get the skills that you need. Alongside this you have a lined section for you to add your own notes from your research so you can keep all of your information in one place.

Book 7

The layout of this book is really unique, and it breaks it down to make it really easy reading. Each page has noteworthy tips pinned around in little bubbles, as well as activities to put what you have learned into practice. Not only does this make it more readable, but it also makes the process of building your business more fun! Not like reading a business textbook, you enjoy working from one task to the next and reading the lists and bullet points – it also makes the book very easy to pick up and put down around everything else that you have going on while you are starting your business!

Overall, this is unlike any of the craft business books I have seen. The information that it provides is very genuine and you can tell it has been learned by experience. It doesn’t show the work of self-employment through rose-tinted glasses, but it also helps you to overcome the main obstacles by collating all of the information that you could possibly need into one, neat place. It goes without question that this book will help many people achieve their dream of running a creative business because the information is so detailed and yet very simple to understand. If you even have the tiniest thought of running your own creative business your first step really should be to buy this book to ensure that you are going into your dream fully informed and able to conquer any obstacle that might get in your way.

Craft A Creative Business is available right now and you can get your copy here:ย Craft a Creative Business: Making & Marketing a Successful Creative Business

With thanks to Search Press for the copy that they sent me for review purposes.


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