March Incoming/Outgoing Mail


Once again, I have had another busy month of snail-mailing! I’ve had a lot of mail going out and I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot coming in too! Here’s a round up of the incoming and outgoing mail throughout March.


A lot of the people that I was posting to via Postcrossing this month really liked collecting local postcards showing landmarks from your home city, so I have picked up quite a few this month. The first outgoing one is still making its long journey to China! Its recipient is interested in history, so I sent a postcard of the local historic monastery, Kirkstall Abbey.

Postcard 7

Another local card travelled to the Netherlands in 9 days. The recipient of this card is interested in architecture, so I chose a postcard of Leeds Corn Exchange because of its interesting architecture.

Postcard 8

I sent another local card to the US, which was the first card that this member had ever received! I picked a postcard of the Yorkshire Dales, showing some of the lovely Dales landscape in all seasons!

Postcard 6

Another local card went to France in just 4 days. The member who received this card loves England so I chose an image of Leeds again for her collection.

Postcard 11

Not a local card for me this time but a tourist card all the same! I had a spare Seattle postcard in my collection from when James visited last year. I sent this card to Russia as the recipient is collecting postcards from each US state and was missing one from Washington so I thought it would be useful to help her cross another one off the list!

Postcard 9

My final outgoing postcard went to a fellow booklover in Germany. This one travelled 587 miles in 4 days. I have sent quite ย few of these postcards that I picked up when I was working at Waterstones and they always go down really well!

Postcard 10


In return for all of the postcards I sent, I received some fantastic postcards! The first one that dropped through my letterbox was this cute frog from Malaysia! It travelled 6,576 miles in 17 days to get to me! And do you know what…this postcard is from Ikea! I’m pretty certain our local Ikea doesn’t sell postcards!

Received 7

The next postcard featured some yummy looking Danish pastries! Don’t you just want to eat them?? This one travelled 610 miles in 3 days from Switzerland.

Received 8

And how cute is this cat??? This one came from the Netherlands and I think it is so cute! I love that little smoky grey cat! This one travelled 286 miles in 3 days.

Received 9

Another wonderful postcard from the Netherlands arrived on the same day! This one features a wonderful sepia photo by the photographer Jan Saudek. Having studied photography at A-level, I absolutely love to receive postcards like this as it reminds me of the photographers that I studied! What’s even better is that this postcard came with a stamp that had books on! I love that! This one took 4 days to travel 283 miles.

Received 10

The next postcard was from Germany and also arrived on the same day…I love it when you arrive home to a mat full of postcards! This one has come from a city called Aachen and the postcard features their cathedral…isn’t it beautiful! Hopefully I’ll have the chance to visit it one day, I’d love to explore more of Germany! This one took 3 days to travel 383 miles.

Received 11

And there is some more beautiful architecture in this one too! This one came from Russia in 10 days, covering an impressive 1,452 miles! This one features the Trinity-St Sergius Monastery…isn’t it another beautiful building! I want to visit this one too now! I’m going to have a growing holiday list…

Received 12

The final postcard that I received came from China, this one travelled 5,123 miles in 11 days. It features a scene from the opera Farewell My Concubine, aren’t the costumes stunning? They’re so colourful and the make up is amazing!

Received 13

Also, how beautiful are the stamps from China? I wish we had stamps like this in the UK!


As well as postcards from Postcrossing I received two wonderful #Postcircle parcels from my penpals too! The first one came from Sam and was a wonderful collection of stickers, postcards, papers and gift tags! I especially like the beach postcard, I already have a similar one from Sam on my desk at work…we’re both daydreaming of some sand and sunshine!

Postcircle 1

My second #Postcircle parcel came from Anne in the US who made me and absolutely stunning mini album! I seriously envy Anne’s amazing papercraft skills! The album is perfect as it is pink (woo!) and has space to add pictures, tickets, as well as journalling on the journal cards that are inside. It was so much fun going through the album and lifting all of the flaps and opening all of the envelopes! So I now have 3 #Postcircle letters to respond to as I never got round to replying to Lorna’s letter from February…eek! I promise replies will be with you shortly ladies! It’s been a chaotic month!

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Album 4

Album 5

Album 6

On a bit of a tangent, I recently saw this stamp collection on Angela’s blog. It is a special edition collectors set to mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland. I love the beautiful illustrations!

Alice in Wonderland Stamps

The inside of the card opens up to give you some information about the history of Lewis Caroll and the writing of the book. It is a really fascinating overview and has some wonderful images and illustrations alongside it.

Presentation Pack Front

The back has even more information too! It is a lovely collection and I am keeping it in my album with my postcards!

Presentation Pack Back

Have you received any happy mail this month? Which of my happy mail do you like best?


10 thoughts on “March Incoming/Outgoing Mail

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      It is so much fun! Definitely worth signing up ๐Ÿ™‚ It depends what the person has written on the profile, sometimes I just say hello and talk about myself, or if they list any interests I try to write a bit about those in relation to the postcard or the UK. On my profile I have said that I would like to see something written in their native language which is always fun!

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